Over the summer, the College upgraded classrooms to the latest technology—installing hybrid-flexible learning, or “HyFlex,” to all campus students.

So what is HyFlex?

  • It combines in-person instruction inside the classroom with both synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (non-real-time) instruction outside the classroom.
  • It uses digital and other formats to allow students to fully participate in the learning experience whether they are physically present or not.

HyFlex helps us implement social distancing requirements, and assists those students who have special circumstances and need to attend class remotely. Classes that exceed a classroom’s capacity for social distancing can be split into groups that switch between in-person and alternative learning. While it offers more options, HyFlex does not mean that students can choose when to come to class. A professor’s syllabus and attendance policy will still determine the expectations of the course.

Classroom Setup

Desks and chairs have been removed in classrooms to adhere to CDC guidelines for six feet of social distancing. Each classroom will be clearly marked with the number of people that can safely fit inside the room.

Classroom Cleaning

Our facilities team has invested in new technology to clean classrooms utilizing a system that can disinfect all surfaces in a room in a matter of seconds. This will happen each night in preparation for the next day. During the day faculty and students will devote a few minutes of every class to sanitize their own spaces before the next class enters.