Covid Policy Update: March 1, 2021

The college has reinstated inter-residence hall travel as of March 1st. The previous limited hours of 8am-8pm no longer apply and students can freely visit friends and classmates in their respective halls.

Additionally, commuter students who are participating in on campus Covid testing will be allowed to visit resident students within the residence halls.

While this is excellent news and a welcome change, we are not out of the woods pandemic-wise.  We must still be diligent on respecting our capacity limits which currently remain at a maximum of 10 individuals for suites/pods and 3 individuals per single residence hall room.  As always, masks are still required in residence hall spaces that are not your own room.

Covid Policy Update: February 5, 2021

In light of the recent updates to the college’s Campus Health Dashboard the Office of Student Engagement & Residential Living, in collaboration with the Dean of Students and Campus Safety, has updated several policies regarding Covid-19 Safety.  These policies are in direct correlation with the dashboard and will be adjusted accordingly our Covid-19 levels change on campus, unless otherwise noted.

  • Inter-Residence Hall Travel – Travel to residence halls other than your own designated hall will be prohibited between the peak activity hours of 8pm-8am.  Resident Advisors will still be at the entrances of the halls to check SJC ID cards as you enter.  They may ask you to confirm where you live within that building if they do not recognize you.  We ask you to be patient with them during this important safety measure
  • Room/Suite/Pod Capacities – The  maximum capacities of individual rooms as well as suite/pods have been adjusted to allow for greater social distancing.  Suites and pods will now have a maximum 10 individuals at any time. Any triple room may have no more than 4 individuals at any one time. Any individual residence hall room may have no more than 3 individuals at any one time.
  • Fines for Hosting Gatherings –  A $150 fine will be assessed to the residents of the room/Pod/Suite hosting the gathering found in violation of the COVID gathering restrictions. Those residents of the room/Pod/Suite hosting the gathering found in violation of the COVID gathering restrictions will participate in a conduct meeting. Those in attendance at the illicit gathering will receive a formal warning. Those individuals found in future/repeated violation of the COVID policy will be subject to a monetary fine and a conduct meeting.  These fines, like all conduct sanctions are subject to our appeals process. This policy will remain in place for the remainder of the Spring 2021 semester.
  • Commuters in Residence Halls – In accordance with our inter-residence hall travel guidelines, commuter students will be prohibited entering residence halls between the hours of 8pm-8am. Our commuter students are welcome to use other facilities and amenities on campus during those times provided they are within that areas’ designated hours.

All other previously released Covid-19 guidelines are still currently in place.  As stated previously, these policies are guided by the updates and information on the SJC Campus Health Dashboard. A poll has shown that 96% of SJC self-identified that they themselves follow campus Covid-19 protocols. The office of Student Engagement and Residential Living greatly appreciates all those students doing their part to keep our community healthy and safe. Our Covid-Related Tip Form is always available to use if you would like to share information with the college.

Monk Strong Community Pledge

Students & Campus Life

If we are to convene on campus in academic and residential environments while the threat of a COVID-19 outbreak is still active, the ways in which we live, teach, study, research, and work will be different from what we have previously known. 

Every member of our community will need to commit to a collective effort to protect the overall safety of our campus, and we should all be fully aware and prepared to contribute to the health, safety, and well-being of our Saint Joe’s community. 

To this end, we are implementing the following Monk Strong Community Pledge.  As a student enrolled in classes at Saint Joseph’s College this year, you agree to read and implement the following concepts:   

  • Expectations for Conduct.  For us to successfully reopen our residence halls, and keep them open, we expect every student to make changes in their daily lives, so that we can all remain a safe learning destination.  This also means confronting and reporting behaviors that might put our College at risk.  This cannot be solely the task of faculty and staff – it’s up to every person on campus, and in particular and most importantly, our students.  If we care about Saint Joe’s, care about one another, and care about our education, we will all agree to follow these guidelines.
  • Monk Strong means “Together”: Reopening, and staying open, means that all members of our SJC community agree to: 
    • wear facial coverings in public when unable to socially distance, including in classrooms; 
    • practice physical distancing of at least six feet in public, and when possible in labs, libraries, and common spaces; 
    • avoid large gatherings of 50 or more people where social distancing is not possible, including co-curricular and extracurricular activities; 
    • regularly monitor your health, and when necessary, get tested for COVID-19 (and, if you’ve tested positive, agree to self-isolate and quarantine); 
    • self-report any COVID-19 symptoms; and, 
    • when appropriate, agree to teach, learn, work, and engage remotely.
  • The Importance of Consistent Self-Monitoring. In an environment in which the prevalence of COVID-19 is low enough to allow some or all students to return to campus, it is important to have the capability to detect new cases, based upon the best scientific recommendations in the coming months.  We need students who are not feeling well to schedule an appointment immediately with the Health Center, so that we can keep you, and our community safe.
  • Understand the changes to our Residential Living program. While our on-campus housing is a traditional and vibrant aspect of student life at SJC, it thrives on students living and learning together in close quarters with programs that encourage interaction.  Remaining on campus with the residence halls relies on every student complying with these new campus protocols.  As is the policy on-campus, we ask that all students in residence hall common areas, hallways, elevators, and bathrooms wear a mask.
  • Adapt to alternate Dining and Food Service Options. New approaches to dining include a reservation system, which would limit the number of diners at any given time for purposes of physical distancing, or a take-out system of timed pickups locally or via delivery.
  • Fitness and Recreation. Highly utilized spaces such as the Alfond Fitness Center will be operated with strict adherence to public health practices. Students should expect that we may need to close or restrict access for deep cleaning, operate under restricted hours, or limit the number of those exercising at one time.
  • Student Life Programs and Events. A vast array of extracurricular and co-curricular activities on our campus entail very close personal contact among many individuals. This is what makes our campus such a vibrant place to live and learn!  As our public health situation evolves, know that each of these programs and events will be evaluated to ascertain if some could be safely offered in smaller group settings, others possibly taking place online.  Students should also expect that we may not be able to offer some programs at this time because of safety concerns.

In all of our activities, the College will continue to be guided by our Mercy values, and expert medical and public health advice. Actions such as those outlined above may seem onerous and even limiting, but they are proven practices for preventing, or reducing, the spread of the virus. 

Thank you for taking the Monk Strong Community Pledge, and ensuring our campus continues to be a safe and healthy one.

Residence Hall Covid Policy Reminders


Masks or approved face-covers must be worn PROPERLY(covering the nose and mouth) in our residence halls.  The only areas you may take your masks of in a residence hall is in your own residence hall room or within a residence hall restroom.  This means masks MUST BE WORN when entering your residence hall, in the hallways of the residence hall and in all common areas such as lounges, kitchenettes and suite/pod common rooms.

Masks are also required in all indoor and outdoor spaces on campus beyond residence halls.  The only other exceptions(per the SJCME Campus Health Dashboard) are when outdoors exercising alone, in a private office, and at a table while eating in a designated dining area such as Pearson’s Cafe.


Off-campus guests are currently not permitted to enter residence hall at SJC. This includes family, friends and alumni. They are permitted to enter campus and meet with students outdoors, drop off items or pick up students provided mask and social distancing policies are followed.  Commuter students will be permitted in residence halls to visit with other students provided that they are currently participating in our commuter Covid testing program through the Health and Wellness Center.  This would mean that any student who is learning fully-remote and not going through our testing protocols will not be permitted to enter the residence halls.  There are some instances where parents or family members will be approved by the Student Engagement & Residential Living staff to temporarily enter a residence hall to assist a student while moving in or out of the halls.


Resident students are currently permitted to visit other residence halls at this time while following all of our health and safety guidelines.  Resident students and commuters in our testing program can visit other residence halls during our standard visitation hours which coincide with residence hall quiet hours.  Visitation ends and quiet hours begin Sunday-Thursday at 11pm and Friday-Saturday at 1am.  When traveling between residence halls or within your own residence halls it is very important to abide by our room capacity limits for social distancing purposes.  Any individual residence hall room may have no more than 4 individuals at a time.  Suites and pods currently have a maximum capacity of 15 individuals. All commons spaces and lounges will have their own unique capacities posted.


To better monitor our residence hall traffic all students must present their SJC ID to a Resident Advisor at the entrance of the residence hall when asked.  RA’s are required to ask all individuals to present an SJC ID even if that student lives within that residence hall.  Failure to comply with an RA’s request may be handled through the college’s conduct process.


All of the colleges Covid related policies extend off-campus behavior as well.  Per the SJC Student Code of Conduct “Students are expected to behave in a superior moral and ethical manner, both on and off-campus.”  Students found to be breaking mask, social distancing or capacity policies or engaging in other activities that may threaten the health and safety of our community will be handled through the college’s conduct process whether the incident took place on or off-campus.  Resident students found to break Covid policy on-campus may lose the ability to visit other residence halls, even for a first time offense.  More severe consequences may apply depending on the severity of the offenses.


You may have noticed at the Clark’s Court area that our amazing facilities team has constructed an outdoor ice-rink for student and SJC Community usage.  While our students are encouraged to use this fantastic amenity please abide by any-posted rules, regulations or warning.  There will be time when the rink is closed for maintenance.  Please do not enter or damage the rink/ice during these times.  In order for the ice to freeze in a skatable fashion it must not be disturbed during these maintenance hours.  If you do not own your own skates, no worries!  Skates may be rented from the Student Engagement and Residential Living office in the Heffernan Center.

Residence Life Revised COVID-19 Residence Hall Policies

As of Monday, October 5, 2020, the following policies are in place for the residence halls on campus:

  • Resident students are now permitted to visit with other students in residence halls other than their own.
  • Face masks MUST be worn whenever a resident student is in a building including in lobbies, hallways, restrooms, common areas, suites, pods and residence hall rooms. The only time masks may be removed in residence halls is when a resident is in their own residence hall room accompanied by others who also live in said room.
  • Common rooms and kitchenette areas will remain open for resident students wearing masks.
  • Commuter students may visit on-campus students in residence halls as invited guests.
  • Residents may not have overnight guests stay over in their room. With masks being required in another residence hall room it would be unrealistic to assume guests would wear their masks while sleeping.
  • Off-Campus guests are still not permitted to enter any residence halls.
  • Guests, including commuters and students from other residence halls are permitted during guest visitation hours which correspond to the campus quiet hours. Before 11pm Sunday-Thursday and before 1am Friday-Saturday.
  • Room, pod and suite capacities remain at a reduced number to accommodate social distancing. A suite or pod may not have more than 15 individuals in their living area. Any single residence hall room may not have more than 4 individuals inside at one time.
  • Failure to comply with any of these policies may result in handling through the college’s conduct process.


Room, pod and suite capacities remain at a reduced number to accommodate social distancing. A suite or pod may not have more than 10 individuals in their living area. Any single residence hall room may not have more than 3 individuals inside at one time.