karyn lucas ron fisherKaryn and Ron Fisher P’18 support Monks Athletics

By Michelle Howard and Patricia Erikson

Big Tent 1. Noun. A group, movement, or philosophy that appeals or caters to, or encompasses, the broadest and most diverse amount of members possible.

From their hometown in Strafford, New Hampshire, Karyn and Ron Fisher drive as many hours as needed to reach the home and away cross country competitions of their son, Lucas ’18. Monks runners find the couple cheering at the finish line for three quarters of the meets. “All kinds of extracurricular activities are very important to students, but especially athletics because it keeps them focused and on track. Being involved in an athletic program helps with time management and gives students less time to do nothing,” Karyn and Ron said.

When they noticed that Saint Joseph’s students needed shelter from sun and harsh weather at the meets, they decided to help. “We talked, as a family, to see what we could do and decided that we would donate a tent for the cross country team. Lucas is our oldest and the first to go off to college. We discussed how we could make a difference in his college life and this seemed important. Now, we enjoy seeing the students use the tent and they’re all so grateful–the coaches, too. It makes us happy to see them, cool and dry.”

“We think the world of Saint Joseph’s College. It’s a great fit for our son, Lucas. We like that all sports are represented equally. You don’t always see that at other campuses. We want to give to the College in ways that the whole campus could benefit. We don’t want to sit around and complain, but rather be part of the solution.”

The Fishers have been generous in also donating to the new Saint Joseph’s College Athletics Complex (see pages 24–25). “The new track and turf field is fantastic! It gives the athletes what they need to be competitive. Big or small, a gift to the College will help. Student athletes appreciate it and it gives them a sense of pride to have good facilities.”

If you would like to attend an athletics competition (and remember they compete all over New England and into Mid-Atlantic states), you can view schedules at www.gomonks.com.