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Kathleen Clements is an assistant professor of education and the chairof the Education Department at Saint Joseph’s College. She teaches Language Arts and WritingMethods, Characteristics and Identification of Students with Mild Disabilities,Introduction to Special Education, Special Education Methods, Exceptionalityand the Special Education Internships. She teaches the online courses Exceptional Student Education andFederal and State Civil Rights and Education Law. Her current researchinterests include legislation in special education, educational leadership, andschool law both in the public sector and in special education. She currently serveson the Higher Education Literacy Faculty Committee for the Maine Department ofEducation.

Prior to joining the faculty,she was involved professionallyfor over twenty years in public schoolteaching and administration including roles as an Assistant Principal,Principal and as a Special Education Administrator. In her free time, Professor Clements enjoys reading, gardening, andlistening to music.


Kappa Delta Pi
The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation and The Council for Exceptional Children

Professional interests include Legislation for SpecialEducation and Educational Leadership. 


May 2012: Tier II – Publication: Clements, K. K., Hess, S.,& Wilson, Sandip, L. (2011). Literacy and learning on the edges. NewEngland Reading Association Journal, 47 (1), 67-75.

May 2013: Tier III – Conference Presentation Poster –“Integration of Spectroscopic Techniques across the Undergraduate Curriculum”

May 2014:Tier III – Publication: Clements, K.K. (2012).Exploring the professional books: Alliances, reading as expert, and community.New England Reading Association Journal, 47 (2), 56-62.

May 2015: Tier III – Conference Presentation –Differentiation in the High School Classroom.

McAuley High School, by invitation.

Clements, K. K., Hess, S., & Wilson, Sandip, L. (2011). Continuityand the pendulum in reading and the literature for children and young adults. New England Reading Association Journal, 46 (2),74-81. 

Clements, K. K., Hess, S., & Wilson, Sandip, L. (2011). Literacyand learning on the edges.  New England Reading Association Journal, 47(1),67-75.

Clements, K. K., & Wilson, Sandip, L. (2012). Exploring theprofessional books: Alliances, reading as an expert, and community. New England Reading Association Journal, 47(2),56-62.


May 2009: Tier III – Conference Presentation –“Vocabulary Developmentthrough Language Acquisition: Nonlinguistic Representation and Multiple OralLanguage Strategies, Grades K-6.”

National Science Foundation, Awarded June 2010, $198,000.00 – Integration of Spectroscopic Techniques (0942192)

Davis Grant, Awarded October 2011, $1000.00 – Assessment forSpecial Education Program