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SeanCaldwell knows exactly what it means to work up a professional ladder. As amember of game day operations and live programming and entertainment with theNBA’s New Orleans Pelicans, Caldwell says he “never would have gottenthe interview at the Pelicans had I not been willing to accept part-time workin my field and build my résumé.” Originally from Marstons Mills, Mass.,Caldwell’s now coordinating time out and half time entertainment for allPelicans games, and organizing pre-game, game-time and post-game events – andmore!

What it likeworking with a professional sports team?

It’s alwaysbeen my goal. I love the excitement and the fast-paced environment. I’mclose to all the action, and the atmosphere and energy are incredible. Everyday offers new and different challenges. I love needing to be on top of my gameevery second.

How didyou pursue and land this job?

I had beenworking part time in stadium operations at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough,Mass., and doing some freelance sports announcing for Braintree CommunityAccess Media. New Orleans was a great opportunity to live outside ofNew England and experience working in a completely differentenvironment. I applied for the position along with more than 850applicants and was selected for one of six positions.

For theviewers and game goers, it’s all about entertainment. As a professional, whatare you gaining from this experience?

Working ingame operations has exposed me to the varied facets of a professional sportsfranchise’s game day operations. I am learning valuable skills andknowledge, and I’m gaining a relevant and meaningful experience. My educationfrom Saint Joseph’s provided me with a working knowledge of sports managementfrom an operational perspective. It gave me the skills, competenceand confidence that are needed to be successful in professional sports.

What haveyou learned from your job that you didn’t know before?

Somuch preparation, effort and detail go into putting on anNBA game. Every department works collaboratively and is alwaysin communication. I’ve also had experience with sports marketing,grassroots marketing, event planning and facilities management. Networking,effective communication, collaboration and attention to detail are all skillsthat were major areas of focus in the sports management program at SaintJoseph’s. In addition to what I’ve learned in the classroom, the internshipswere an extremely valuable part of my education.

What tipswould you give current students?

Stayfaithful and stay patient! I strongly recommend taking advantage of internshipopportunities, and never stop making connections and building relationships.Once your foot is in the door, always be willing to go the extra mile andmaximize every opportunity. No opportunity in your field is too small. Forexample, I never would have gotten the interview at the Pelicans hadI not been willing to accept part-time work in my field and build my résumé.