LynneRobinsonSaint Joseph’s College has approved plans to start a college-wide business development initiative that will create and market programs and events for potential clients. When it operated solely within the college’s online division for the past two years, the business development effort organized quarterly workshops and annual symposia, created customized training programs for local businesses, and developed a new online degree program in Information Technology that will launch in 2013. Now, as a college-wide initiative, these efforts will reach even farther.

Under the leadership of Lynne Robinson, newly appointed Executive Director of Business Development and Continuing Education, the business team will take advantage of resources on campus as well.

“Our goal is to build a unit that embraces the entire campus and uses our skilled faculty and staff. We’re trying to pool our talents and develop synergy between online and on-campus programs, especially in regard to academic programming,” says Robinson.

In her new role, Robinson will identify partnering opportunities within the college itself, as well as with the community. She and the business development unit will work to create mutually beneficial relationships between the college and its partners. “We’ll be establishing partnerships with corporations and bringing more events and conferences to campus,” adds Robinson.

In addition, the business development unit is researching the feasibility of hosting summer camps on campus. An overnight camp for high school students that offers both the college experience and college credit is planned for summer 2013.