This week, all students can register to receive a COVID-19 vaccination at one of many locations around our region and the state of Maine.

The light at the end of the tunnel is now here, and we strongly encourage you to take full advantage of it. You can use our guide below to schedule your vaccine appointment, and help us reach our “community immunity” goal of 85% vaccinated against this deadly, debilitating virus.

The vaccine rollout has been pretty confusing at times, and we know you might have questions. Maybe even the following questions:

When am I eligible to get vaccinated?

Starting on Wednesday, April 7th, everyone over the age of 16 is eligible to get vaccinated in Maine. This means that starting on Wednesday, you can make an appointment - but actually getting the shot may take a bit longer due to high demand.

And where can I get the vaccine?

Good question. Here’s a list of all current vaccine providers in the state, from community sites, to medical offices and hospitals, to pharmacies. One wrinkle: if you are 16 or 17, you can only get the Pfizer vaccine. The others are only approved for people 18+, so if you’re not 18 yet, it’s a good idea to inquire which vaccine your preferred site is offering before you go.

So after I get vaccinated, then what?

If you receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, you are “one and done” - no more shots necessary for immunity. If you get one of the others - Pfizer or Moderna - you’ll need a second shot at the same location four weeks later. You can schedule it when you go for the first one.

And this is critical: the vaccines have been so built up as the end of the pandemic that you might be tempted to rip off your mask and burn it in a ceremonial fire. Don’t. First, you won’t be fully protected until two weeks after your final shot. And second, scientists are still studying whether vaccinated people can carry and spread the virus to others, even if they don’t get sick.

Once you're fully vaccinated, please email a copy of the front of your vaccination card to

front of vaccine card

Let’s work together as a community to get vaccinated and keep our Monks Nation strong!