Read the Framework for Reopening Maine’s Colleges and Universities in Fall 2020

President Jim DlugosSaint Joseph’s President Jim Dlugos was a lead author of the “Sustaining Higher Education and Sustaining Maine” framework, a set of principles for safely reopening colleges across Maine this coming fall. The report, released last week by a group of college and university leaders from across the state, establishes a roadmap for bringing students, faculty, and staff back to campus living and in-person learning.

As President Dlugos told MaineBiz, “One day soon science will develop a vaccine for COVID-19. Until that vaccine is proven effective and widely available, public and student health have to be a daily priority for college leaders. The reopening framework captures our best thinking on prevention strategies and sets expectations about how campus life will have to be different so we can operate safely and respond swiftly to the evolving COVID-19 threat.”

Please read the report here.

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