Tamera"I had been wanting to get an MBA for some time. I was exploring the next step in my career," explains Edison, a manager in Group Customer Service. "This particular MBA program has both eyes open. It focuses on business and finance as well as on people and one's own leadership style. For me, it was the beginning of a self-discovery."

Edison, who earned her bachelor's degree in 1986, began the program in 2007. Most courses were online and she admitted to some apprehension "because I'm such a people person. But it was far easier than I expected. The professors were fabulous. I improved my writing skills and my ability to function in a technical, online environment and learned how to be a critical thinker."

She is excited about her future at Unum. "I'd like to be part of the education side in program or leadership development," she says.

Along with her tenure at Unum, Edison's commitment to community service has remained steadfast. She is active with First Jobs, an initiative of Casey Family Services in Portland, Maine. The program helps foster care youngsters with physical, mental, or behavioral challenges with their transition into the workplace.

She concludes, "The college came along at the right time. My professors helped me see a future that I couldn't see. And when I didn't think I could rise to the occasion, they helped me find ways to realize that I could."

Tamera Edison
Portland, Maine
B.A., Husson College, 1986

Leadership MBA, Saint Joseph's College, 2010