Outdoor Adventures Club kayaking The Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC) provides Saint Joseph’s College students with exciting activities that get them into the great outdoors. Most of these are up to the suggestions of club members and all suggestions are welcome! This year, the club went sea kayaking in Brunswick, Maine, which was a new experience for some. Seaspray Kayaking led a guided tour out into Sebasco Harbor, with a break in the middle to learn about the historic Malaga Island. The island was the site of an interracial community until the government evicted them in 1911. It is now a protected reserve and uninhabited, but daytime hikes are permitted. Sea kayaking was a change of pace from lake kayaking and forced us to paddle against the ocean waves with the help of an improvised sail made by hooking two of the kayaks together.

OAC hikingThe club also went up to Tumbledown Mountain for a winter hike, two hours into the backcountry of Weld, Maine. Tumbledown is one of many local mountains that the club has frequented for hikes of all difficulty levels. The Tumbledown hike was one of my favorites when I went my freshman year, and made for some memorable views from atop the three thousand foot summit. It was a challenging hike, but the journey down was an easier grade than the steep path to the top. The OAC strives to be open towards students of all experience levels – all you need is a love of the outdoors!

Other adventures have included: ice climbing, skydiving, camping trips, and more. Outdoor Adventures Club ziplining The club helps to pay for some of these larger events, so students don’t need to break the bank for a fun experience outside. Meetings depend on when the club has events coming up, but they are traditionally held on Wednesday nights. The OAC is also a great way to take on a leadership position in a club, especially for those with a passion for outdoor events. For students who want to get off campus without breaking the bank, the Outdoor Adventure Club can be a great opportunity!

By Reggie Bourn

For more information, the group can be reached at outdooradventureclub@sjcme.edu

President: Lexzi Summers

Vice President: Reggie Bourn

Treasurer: Adrienne Dolley

Advisor: Kimberly Post