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Saint Joseph’s receives NCAA Division III Internship grant, new volleyball coach, several coaches collect career victory accolades, golf classic, newest Hall of Famers, and alumni athletes return to campus for friendly competition.

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Moon Landing, Flower Power, and Women’s Rights

Margaret Morrissette LeTourneau ’70 attended Saint Joseph's during a time of change. By the late ’60s activism related to women’s rights, the Vietnam War, and racial desegregation swept across the nation. In Standish, the Great Debate came: should the College go co-ed?

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#Suitelife: A Style of Communal Living

Ask anyone about what they picture as a stereotypical college dorm room, and you’ll hear a number of similar responses. Cramped rooms, bathrooms down the hall, and one or two roommates. Feeney Hall, aka the Suites, differs from this picture by offering apartment-style housing for up to eight students. It’s located across from Alfond Hall in an area known as the “Fishbowl”—made up of five available residence halls that form a horseshoe shape. As one of the upperclassmen residence halls, it’s a popular destination on campus and one of two group housing options.

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