The E-Team

The E-Team is a group of enthusiastic faculty and staff volunteers dedicated to helping integrate sustainability and "green" practices into campus life. Team members hope to educate colleagues about sustainable practices and foster an environmentally aware culture that values employees efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of everyday activities.

Goals of the E-Team Program

  • Decrease energy use on campus
  • Increase the environmental awareness among all members of the College community 
  • Work together as a team to educate the campus community about sustainable living and green practices. 
  • Serve as role models for all members of the College community, including staff, faculty and students

Role of E-Team Members

Members will serve as environmental monitors in the different buildings on campus to provide friendly reminders that relate to energy conservation and sustainable living on campus. Volunteers will also help disseminate information related to green practices, and may also help to promote campus-wide events related to environmental issues. E-Team members will generally help to set a great example in the various buildings around campus, and help maintain awareness about the importance and benefits of sustainable living.

Green Habits

A key focus of E-Team's mission will be a monthly theme called: "Living Green: Let's Make it a Habit." Each month throughout the year, the E-Team will introduce a "Habit of the Month." These habits will hopefully help focus our attention on green practices which can help us collectively reduce our impact on the environment. The first habit relates to ‘Green Computing.'

Meet the Current E-Team Members

  • Co-Chairs of the E-Team: Suzanne Murphy and Brian Shelley
  • Campus sustainability coordinator: Jeanne Gulnick
  • E-Team: David McCall, Shelly Davis, Charles Prinn, Elizabeth Auger, Frank Daggett, Sue Keene, Jackie Sovas, Sue Kelly

We Need Your Help!

The E-Team not only needs your help to promote sustainability on campus, but we also are in need of more volunteers. We hope to have E-Team members in every building on campus (obviously excluding dorms), and as of now, this is not the case. We need your help. Please contact a current E-Team member, or Suzanne Murphy or Brian Shelley, to see how and where you can help. This is a community effort and we hope to have the entire College community involved.

For More Information, Discussions, Comments and Additional Information

Please contact Stuart Leckie or Jeanne Gulnick, or other E-Team members.