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We know that paying for college can be confusing and even downright stressful  for many families. That’s why we try to keep it as simple as possible. Here you will find the important information you need to start your billing and financial aid process, along with links to pay your bill, apply for or waive health insurance, and many other steps. And remember, there is always someone ready to help make this process easier - just reach out to Student Accounts using the contact info at the bottom of this page.

Your billing statement includes

  • Comprehensive fees

  • Required deposits

  • Other known charges

  • Prior balance due

  • Expected financial aid

Payment Due Dates

Semester Statement mailed on or about Payments due on or before 
Fall 2024 May/June New Students: July 15, 2024
Returning Students: July 15, 2024
Spring 2025 November December 9, 2024

Helpful Resources

Costs for 2024-2025

Tuition $44,120 per year
Room & Board $15,384 per year

Prices subject to change

Tuition Overload* $1,200 per credit
Part-Time tuition $1,200 per credit for 1-11 credits
Lab Fees $125 per eligible course
Education Major Fee $60 per semester

* applies if full-time student enrolls in more than 19 credits

Price subject to change

Nursing Major & ATI Fee $1,320 per semester

Prices subject to change

Parking Decal (annual fee) $150
Parking Citation (per occurrence) $35
Student ID Replacement (each occurrence) $15
Dishonored Check/Credit Card (ACH) (each occurrence) $50
Late Tuition Payment Fee (per semester late) $300
Payment Plan Late Fee (per semester)  $50
Room + Board Single Room Supplement (per semester) $1,950
Health Facilities Fee - see FAQ below $300
Health Insurance - Can be waived, see FAQ below $2,069
Security Deposit (per lifetime)  $250
New Student Deposits (will be applied to your bill)
Room & Board Deposit $100
Tuition Deposit $200
Returning Student Deposit (full time resident students, deposit is due February 27th & will be applied to your bill)
Advance Housing Deposit $200

Financial Aid Deductions

In accordance with Saint Joseph's College policy, FULL PAYMENT of the total bill must be made. The only deductions allowed are as follows:

1. Scholarships, grants and loans awarded through the Office of Financial Aid, only if you have received the financial aid letter and have returned all other required documents.

2. College scholarships awarded at the time of admission.

3. Scholarships or sponsorships by state or federal agencies, organizations, school districts or companies that are payable to the College. Provide supporting award authorization and complete the school's form.

4. ALL BANK LOANS. Loans in process may be deducted only if the application has been certified by the Office of Financial Aid. Half of the estimated loan disbursement will be deducted for the fall semester, and the other half for the spring semester.

5. Education Benefits (Veteran or other monthly payments). Enclose copy of award letter which specifies amount of monthly payments.

6. Tuition Plan Participation. The semester portion may be deferred only the tuition plan company (Nelnet Campus Commerce) has notified the school.  SJC receives an updated list daily.

Other special problems should be brought to our attention immediately for review and consideration. Please call 207-893-7732 or 893-7737.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have health insurance, how do I waive the health insurance fee?

To waive the health and insurance fees, visit our Health Center page.

Can I request an updated bill?

Yes, updated statements can be seen/printed via Campus Café,  my web services or by calling Student Accounts at 207-893-7732.

What happens if I don't pay my bill on time?

All charges are payable on the dates noted in the Payment Due Dates section at the top of this page. In all cases of payment past the due date, a late fee of $300 will be assessed each semester.

Payment or documentation to clear your charges must be received by the due date in order to enroll for the current semester.

  • There is an automatic HOLD on Grades and Transcripts until all financial obligations have been met.
  • All seniors must clear accounts one month prior to graduation in order to participate in Commencement Exercises and receive their Diploma.

When it is necessary to forward an unpaid account to an outside collection agency, the student is responsible for all collection fees.

What happens to my housing deposit if I still owe money?

Housing deposit money is applied to the unpaid bill if the student does not return due to prior year balance. It is forfeited if student decides not to be a resident or withdraws.

Why didn't I get my grades?

Your grades and transcripts will be held until all financial obligations have been met.

How do I apply for a loan to cover the balance?

Many of our families choose to use a  federal parent loan to pay all or part of the balance remaining after financial aid. We encourage you to research your loan options carefully.


Student Accounts 
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