Security Officers

  • patrol the campus 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • are responsible for the safety and security of all College community members and property
  • have the authority to ask for identification from any person on campus at any time
  • determine whether individuals have lawful business on the campus

Criminal incidents are referred to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, which has jurisdiction in the Town of Standish, Maine.

To report a crime or other emergency

  • 207-893-6687 from an off-campus or cellular phone
  • 6687 from any campus extension
  • 7911 (emergency line) from any on-campus phone
  • fill out the online anonymous tip form

Emergency telephone call boxes locations

  • outside or near all residence halls
  • parking lot behind the Alfond Center
  • baseball field parking lot
  • Stone Barn pathway
  • Beach
  • Beach pathway (halfway point)
  • Beach pathway (stone steps near Pearson’s Café/Mercy Hall)

These telephone call boxes are in prominent locations and are identified with a blue light.