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On this site you will find a range of training and support resources to guide you as you facilitate your courses. Review the resources and guides to help you expand your online teaching skill set and improve the design of your courses.

What Technology-Enhanced Instruction (TEI) is doing to meet the needs of today’s online learner is special. By emphasizing graphic, web, media, and instructional design in the course development process, TEI facilitates the creation of content and experiences that distinguish Saint Joseph’s College from many of its competitors.

Our Services

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Instructional Design & Consultation

Training & Support


Developing quality academic programming that is student-centered and supports innovative teaching and learning is TEI’s mission.

To accomplish this, TEI:

  • utilizes an evolving approach to course development that is informed by current research, trends in online education, industry-wide best practices, and the Quality Matters rubric;
  • collaborates with subject matter experts to translate real-world and/or professional experience into content that contextualizes concepts/material in ways a text cannot;
  • assists faculty in creating assessments that, in addition to meeting the needs of all learners, emphasize inquiry, discovery,  active engagement, and student-to-student interaction;
  • employs principles of Universal Design and, thus, provides learners with multiple ways to engage with course content in an environment that is user-friendly and meets standards for accessibility and readability;
  • believes that the way a course looks is just as important to delivery as the quality of its content and, as such, assigns equal importance to architecture and aesthetics in establishing credibility and communicating professionalism;
  • provides technical leadership, assesses needs, and develops training that prepares faculty to use the learning management system and other hardware/software effectively.