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You’ll find more than a well-rounded college experience at Saint Joe’s. You’ll find a place that gives back many times what you put in. Whether you’re an undergrad or grad student, online or on-campus, our top-notch faculty will further your knowledge while the entire community supports your growth. Growth while you’re here, and growth into your career. Far beyond a good return on investment, we offer a lifelong bang for the buck after graduation.

NOTICE: At the end of January, the federal government informed colleges and universities that FAFSA information would not be available to all schools until mid-March. Colleges are prohibited from distributing any federal funds until they receive the information from the federal government. However, after submitting your FAFSA, you will receive an email with your Student Aid Index (SAI). By providing us with it, we can provide you with an estimated financial aid offer for the 2024-2025 academic year so that you can continue planning to fund your college experience. Please call us at 207-893-6610; we will walk you through our estimate!

Average tuition cost after aid:

Financial Aid Package Breakdown

Average Merit Award

(money you don't pay back)

Average Grant Package

(money you don't pay back)

Average Federal Aid Package

(money you pay back)


Average Annual
Financial Aid Package

SJC Students Receive Merit Awards
SJC Students Receive Grant Packages
SJC Students Receive Some Form of Funding

Based on 2022-2023


Scholarships & Grants

(the money you don't pay back)

All students enrolled full time in a degree program and have completed the FAFSA will be considered for SJC Scholarship and Grant assistance.


Students who complete the FAFSA will be matched with federal loans.

Work-Study & On‑Campus Jobs

Students who are eligible for work-study can apply for part time work on campus. Employment is also available for students who may not qualify for work-study.

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Understanding Your Financial Aid Package

You’ve been accepted at Saint Joe’s. You’ve applied for financial aid. You’ve received your financial aid package letter. But what does it mean?

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