At the Alfond Center, fitness is our focus.

Take advantage of the gymnasium, six-lane swimming pool, running track, fitness center, aerobics and dance room, climbing wall, and saunas in order to get fit, stay active, and meet your goals.

Monday-Friday: 6:00AM-10:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: 8:00AM-8:00PM

Individuals who wish to use the Alfond Center can sign up beforehand on

Alumni may use spaces in the Alfond Center (fitness room, dance room, indoor track, gym, pool) by presenting their alumni I.D. card at the front desk.

Please remember to bring a second pair of clean shoes and check in at the front desk.

Sign up at

Hours will change for holidays, College closings and breaks, and for the summer. Changes will be posted in advance, when possible, at the front desk.

If the College cancels classes for the day due to weather, the Alfond Center and its pool are closed to the public and only open for SJC student usage.


Harold Alfond Recreation Center

Mission Statement

The Harold Alfond Center strives to foster the total development of the individual in the areas of health and wellness, offering diverse programming and an exceptional learning environment to meet the needs of today's students and the SJC community. Activities focus on the development of knowledge through experimental learning directly pertaining to professional and liberal studies, athletics, recreation, and community service within a safe, diverse, moral, and ethical atmosphere that encourages an individual to be their personal best.

Quick Steps for Facility Use

  • Become a member (or come as a member’s guest):
    • Complete a Facility Use Waiver form, available at the front desk (alumni and family members of SJC full-time employees must also sign a waiver form)
    • Present SJC ID at the front desk
    • Complete building orientation
  • Sign the waiver form
  • Sign in/out at the front desk
  • Leave your SJC ID at the front desk
  • Abide by the two-shoe policy and dress code

Free Membership Eligibility

  • Full-time students
  • Full-time faculty/staff, their spouse, and dependent children
  • Part-time staff/adjunct faculty
  • Retired faculty/staff

Please note, SJC employee dependents* between the ages of 0-17 must have a parent with them at all times in the facility. You must be 16 to use the fitness room, but an adult must be with you if you are under 18.

*Dependent children are considered to be children under the age of 18 years or under the age of 24 years and attending a college or university.

Facility Use Form

Complete the Alfond Center Membership Application and return the application to the front desk at the Alfond Center.


Anyone using the Alfond Center needs to use the parking lot behind the building; there is no parking allowed at the front of the building. Handicapped parking spots are also located in the back.

Facility Scheduling and Rentals

The gym, student lounge, alumni lounge, dance room, climbing wall, and track may be reserved in advance. These facilities are available for rental on a limited basis. Every effort will be made to schedule rentals during nonscheduled activity times, and priority will be given to campus members and programs.

To rent or reserve the pool, contact Jared Felker at 207-893-7666 or

To rent or reserve the Dance Studio, contact Jenna Chase at 893-6627 or

To rent or reserve the climbing wall, contact Margot Cosentino at 893-7657 or

To rent the track & turf complex, Mercy Field (grass), project graduations, and other spaces in the Alfond Center, contact Lincoln Sanborn at 893-6661 or


Go for a swim in the pool. Enjoy a steam in the sauna. Climb the rock wall. Lift weights in the fitness room. Take a yoga class. The facilities at the Alfond Center allow for endless ways to get active while having fun.

Rules & FAQ

In order to make the facilities a safe and fun space for all, we ask members and their guests to adhere to our guidelines and regulations. Please note, rules outlined on this page pertain to all areas of the Center; for procedures specific to individual facilities, scroll up to the "Facilities" section.

All members are expected to...

  • Review, complete, and sign the waiver
  • Have a facilities orientation before using the equipment
  • Sign in at the front desk with ID
  • Abide by the regulations and policies
  • Cooperate with staff
  • Respect other members’ individual rights
  • Assume full responsibility for any guests they bring
  • Choose appropriate clothing, actions, and language

General Facility Rules and Regulations

  • All patrons play at their own risk.
  • Blocking or restricting emergency exits is prohibited.
  • No glass objects, including water bottles, are allowed on the premise.
  • Patrons may not bring furniture and coolers into the facility.
  • Emergency telephones and exits located throughout the facility are for emergency use only. Unauthorized use of emergency exits or telephones will result in disciplinary action.
  • All equipment needs to be returned to the Front Desk.
  • Tobacco use is not permitted in the Alfond Center.
  • Patrons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the facility and may have their privileges suspended.
  • Any unsafe conditions or damaged equipment should be reported to the facility staff and play or patron use in the unsafe area should be discontinued until the unsafe condition can be addressed or the equipment repaired.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted in any activity areas, with the exception of plastic water bottles.
  • Use of bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, or roller blades is prohibited in the Alfond Center.

Guest Regulations

  • Student, faculty/staff members, and alums are allowed to have up to four guest visits per month. Guest visit policy does not apply to open/lap swim or aqua fitness classes.
  • Family members are not allowed to bring guests at any time.
  • A “Guest Registration Form” must be completed each time a guest uses the facility, which is located at the front desk.
  • Guests must be 16 to use the fitness room, but an adult must be with you if you are under 18.
  • Guests will not be permitted to participate in intramural sports or special events, unless otherwise noted.


How do I use my ID?

All members are to enter through the main lobby entrance and must present their SJC ID at the front desk. IDs must be left at the front desk prior to using the facilities in the building (do not go directly to the locker rooms, gym, etc.) and can be picked up when the patron leaves. If an ID is lost or stolen, another one may be purchased at the Office of Student Affairs. Family and alumni members are required to leave their membership cards in order to enter.

Is there a dress code for the facilities? And what is the “two-shoe policy”?

In order to keep the facility clean and to prevent sand and dirt from damaging floors and equipment, patrons will be asked to carry in a clean pair of athletic shoes and to change into them prior to exercise. Regular street shoes are not permitted in any activity area. Only closed-toe athletic shoes with non-marking soles are allowed in the activity areas. This includes the fitness room, the gymnasium, running track, and the dance room. This means no sandals or flip-flops while using any of activity areas! Athletes must remove cleats at the door. All individuals using the Alfond Center must wear activity-appropriate attire. Bathing suits are appropriate in the pool area only.

I think I left an item in the Center, is there a lost-and-found?

Found items are taken to the front desk and held for one month. Items not claimed will be given to charity.

Can I listen to music while I work out?

Personal electronic music devices with headphones are permitted. Music is also provided in the fitness room. The Alfond staff determines station and volume. Boom boxes/radios are not allowed in the fitness room.

How do I sign out equipment?

When using a basketball or volleyball, you must sign out the equipment and your I.D. will be kept until the equipment is returned.

Is food and drink allowed in the Center?

Consumption of food and drink is confined to designated areas. Food and beverages (except for water) are not permitted in the gymnasium, fitness room, dance room, pool, or other areas designated by signs. Alfond Center staff reserve the right to grant exceptions for special programs.

What’s my responsibility in terms of personal injury or damage to the facilities?

For the safety and enjoyment of patrons, abusive and inappropriate language, horseplay, and fighting are not tolerated. Violation of this or any other rule, regulation, or policy of the Alfond Center may result in suspension from the facility. All persons using Alfond Center facilities are responsible for any damages to the premises above and beyond usual wear and tear. Alfond Center staff has the final authority involving policy interpretation, behavioral concerns, and disputes.

Is there access to a phone?

Courtesy phones are available in the Alfond Center lobby. When members receive a call at the front desk, staff is not responsible for relaying personal messages.


The Alfond Center staff reserve the right to suspend or revoke privileges for any of the following reasons but not limited to: misconduct, misuse of equipment, willful destruction of property, harassment, profane or abusive language, disrespect of staff, or disregard of operational policies and procedures.

Students should note that violation of Alfond Center regulations may result in disciplinary action through the provisions of the Student Code of Conduct.

The Alfond Center assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen articles.

Contact Us

Front Desk – 893-6650
Pool – 893-7666

Megan Levesque
Alfond Center Manager