Supporting SJC

We encourage and invite you to join with others in making the kind of investment that will last forever – an investment in Saint Joseph’s College.

And although gifts are great for Saint Joseph’s, they can also be good for you. You can feel good about investing in an excellent institution, changing a student’s life, or making a difference in a classroom – while at the same time creating tax benefits for you and your family, advancing your retirement planning, and accomplishing other good purposes.

Why Your Support is Important

From the student who has to work three jobs to the professor who is doing cutting-edge research in the Gulf of Maine – we all need your help to make Saint Joseph’s the best it can be. Tuition is expensive and staying current in research is costly. Growing a stronger college takes vision, heart, hard work – and money. Please make a gift today.

Invest in an Education

Your contribution helps in many ways

A Student’s Experience — Scholarship funding helps launch student success.

Give Now – Make a Gift

Your Support

  • Ensures financial help for students by keeping tuition affordable

  • Helps to recruit and retain top faculty

  • Maintains and expands student life and athletics programs

  • Helps maintain a campus environment and facilities deserving of our magnificent setting and history

  • Provides cutting-edge technology and equipment for our on-campus and online students

How Your Gift Helps

Scholarship Donor
Susan Vontell makes a financial donation that encourages nursing students to enter the College. Her endowed scholarship for first-generation Maine nursing students is dedicated to her parents. “My husband and I are at a stage in life when it’s time to give back. We look seriously at our charitable giving to organizations that have meaning for us.”

Read about this scholarship and the nursing ambassador program.

SUSAN VONTELL '82, Nursing

Planned Giving

“I believe planned giving is a wonderful way to help the College and students who want a great education but feel more comfortable in a smaller venue. Large colleges are impersonal and teachers don’t even know most of their students. I can honestly say all my teachers knew my name and my needs.”

ROSANNE BOTTO '78, '91, Planned Giving Donor

Her satisfaction with the online MBA program, and its impact on her career, inspired Janet Maguire to make a gift to the College this year, “I wanted to give back to the community, in whatever small way I could.”

JANET MCGUIRE '15, Online MBA Grad/Donor