Ready to Apply?

Step 1: The Application

Fill out the Common App or SJC App (it’s free). Apply & complete your application before or by the January 15 Regular Decision Deadline.

Step 2: Transcripts and High School Grades

Send your official high school transcript as well as any college credit course transcripts to our Admissions Office. Choose your method:

  1. Saint Joseph's College
    Admissions Office
    278 Whites Bridge Road
    Standish, ME 04084
  2. Or email to
  3. We also accept transcripts from Parchment.

If you have any questions, please call us at  800-338-7057.

Nursing Students: Applicants are encouraged to take four years of science and math courses. A college preparatory laboratory biology and chemistry are required with a grade of “B” or higher; honors and AP courses with a “C” or higher.

Home Schooled Students: Supply a final transcript of your high school curriculum with grades and a short explanation of what each class is (outlined by a parent or primary educator - a sample transcript can be supplied if necessary.) Transcript from an accredited school (i.e. Royal Academy) or portfolio of work proving student has met all state regulations put forth by their home state. Those seeking admission into the Nursing or Biology field may be asked to supply additional samples. We reserve the right to request additional samples, if necessary.

SAT or ACT Scores

In light of the impact caused by COVID-19, the College has adopted a test-optional policy, including nursing and homeschooled applicants.

Step 3: Recommendations

Have your school counselor or a teacher write you a letter of recommendation. They can mail or email their recommendation to:

Saint Joseph's College
Admissions Office
278 Whites Bridge Road
Standish, ME 04084

Step 4: File Your FAFSA

We know that Financial Aid can be confusing. But we’ve collected some resources to help you. Below is a FAFSA toolkit to help you successfully navigate the financial aid process.

The FAFSA: The Most Important Financial Aid Form You’ll Ever Fill Out - This comprehensive resource incorporates elements featured in the previous guides, including a section on where to get help filing the FAFSA. View PDF in:  English | Spanish

FAFSA Facts and Fiction: Get the Truth - and the Money You Need for College - This guide addresses the most common barriers to filing the FAFSA, especially for low-income students. View PDF in:  English | Spanish

FAFSA Verification: Don't Panic and Don't Wait - This resource provides simple steps for students selected for the FAFSA verification process. View PDF in:  English | Spanish

Six Items and 22 Minutes: All You Need to Fill out the FAFSA - This resource addresses the misconception that the FAFSA takes a long time to complete and requires documentation that is difficult to access. View PDF in:  English | Spanish

Financial Aid Vocab Cheat Sheet - This glossary explains common acronyms and terms in the financial aid process. View PDF in:  English | Spanish

Apples to Apples: 3 Steps to Finding the Best College Deal - This worksheet helps students calculate cost and compare colleges they're most interested in. View PDF in:  English | Spanish

Parent PLUS Loans: Are They Right for You? - This resource offers a quick overview of PLUS loans, so students can decide whether they're a good option for them and their families. View PDF in:  English | Spanish

A Second Look: Appealing Your Aid Award When Family Finances Shift - This guide addresses the professional judgment/special circumstances appeal process and how to indicate on the FAFSA that a parent is unemployed. View PDF in: English | Spanish

If you need help with FAFSA, please call us at 1-800-338-7057.

Fill Out FAFSA

Step 5: Meet the Counselors, Interview, and Tour (optional)

Come to our campus for a tour and meet with one of our friendly admissions counselors.

We offer interviews to high school seniors throughout fall and winter.

Call the Admissions Office at 800-338-7057 or email to schedule your campus tour and interview.

Meet the Counselors

Step 6: Make Your Deposit

Deposit due date is May 1.

Deposit Now