Sustaining the Promise

During 2012, Saint Joseph’s College celebrated its centennial. It was a year to both look back on our past and, appropriately, turn toward the future.

Overview of Campus from Alfond Hall

At its December 2012 Board Meeting, the Trustees of Saint Joseph’s College asked us to undertake a new strategic planning process. The result of that process is Sustaining the Promise: Toward Saint Joseph’s College’s Second Hundred Years. This strategic plan creates a vision for 2024 and establishes a dynamic, rolling planning environment with “change” at its core.

Our strategic plan calls upon us to think about our future in a continuously evolving, entrepreneurial manner; to use our assets in new ways that align with our mission, promise financial stability, and enable us to redevelop our campus to better serve our students, our community, and our region.

   Sustaining the Promise establishes a dynamic, rolling planning environment at Saint Joseph’s with “change” at its core.


Women's Basketball team- conference champions

Rebuilding the heart of our campus will have a positive impact on academics, student life and spirituality, athletics, career services, and community-based learning. At the same time, it will establish Saint Joseph’s as a “learning destination” for individuals of all ages. The plan calls for us to utilize the College’s native assets, especially its scenic lakeside location on 474 rural acres, to create a healthy, sustainable “ecosystem.” The mission-aligned business element will, for the first time, include capital investment by outside partners and investors.

Our dedication to wellness and sustainability is inherent in our plan to make Saint Joseph’s College a premier, four-season learning destination for individuals who want to learn and thrive.

   Saint Joseph’s will become widely recognized as an exemplary 21st- century, Catholic, liberal arts college in the Mercy tradition.