The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) and Career Studio, located on the third floor in Alfond Hall, provide students with one-stop-shop access to academic and career support services. We are committed to serving all students and providing individualized support as they strive for academic and career success during their time at Saint Joseph's College of Maine.

More than 50%

of Saint Joseph’s College of Maine
students utilize services provided by the
Academic Center for Excellence.

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Resources and Programs

⁄  Individual Academic Support

Individualized academic support is available to student-athletes, at-risk students, high-achieving students, and all those in between. We know individualized support does not follow a one-size fits all model. Therefore, ACE staff is readily available to meet one-on-one with students to ensure ongoing academic success during their time at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine.

⁄  Student Accessibility Services

ADA Accommodations

It is the College’s policy that no qualified person be excluded from participating in any College program or activity, be denied the benefits of any College program or activity, or otherwise be subject to discrimination with regard to any college program or activity.

For more information, please contact Holly Sanborn, 207-893-7562,

ELL Support

English Language Learner (ELL) modifications will be based on individual students, their needs to be successful, and will include conversation between the ELL Coordinator and any course faculty or department chairs.

For more information, please contact Holly Sanborn, 207-893-7562,

Assistive Technology


ReadSpeaker is text-to-speech software that is integrated into the Brightspace course site that provides the ability for all students to listen to course material and beyond. ReadSpeaker is available to all Sebago Lake campus and online students.

Digital Text

Through the Access Text Network, we have the ability to convert students’ textbooks into a digital format.

For more information, please contact Holly Sanborn, 207-893-7562,

⁄ Peer Tutor Program

ACE provides peer-to-peer support through our Peer Tutors and Writing Tutors. Our 40+ tutors are current SJC students who are recommended by faculty as an excellent support for their academic discipline. It is easy and free to access support from the Peer Tutor Program. Peer Tutors and Writing Tutors provide guidance and support to their peers, as well as tips for time management and study skills. NetTutor, an online tutoring service, is also available for all students at SJC, including our on-campus and online students. NetTutor provides tutoring in a variety of subjects, some of which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Check out what our students have said about the Peer Tutor Program!

“My tutor was a delight to work with! She truly helps you understand the material. My tutor was patient and super kind.”

“My tutor was wonderful! He was easy to reach and helpful with my learning for Calculus I. He is clearly passionate about the subject matter, which is infectious.”

“My tutor was honestly such a good tutor. She recognizes when I do not understand things after she goes over it one way and will help me find another way to understand it.”

To be connected with a Peer Tutor or Writing Tutor, please contact

⁄ Peer Mentor Program

Peer Mentors are certified student leaders that serve as a resource to first- and second-year student population as they embark on their new college experience. Peer Mentors engage in leadership and professional development training allowing them to co-instruct the First-Year Experience Seminar (FY101) course, required for all first-year students, with an on-campus faculty or staff member. Peer Mentors also host a variety of First-Year Experience (FYE) and Second-Year Experience (SYE) programming to help foster community and support for the first- and second-year students.

Kathryn Huntress '22, Peer MentorI love getting to know first-year students and making connections with them. Our Peer Mentor Program is very special and creates a safe, welcoming, and friendly environment for all! This program has helped me develop many skills and become a better person! Being a Peer Mentor and now the Peer Mentor Student Coordinator has been one of the most amazing experiences and I’m so incredibly grateful for everyone who helps create such an unforgettable program!
– Kathryn Huntress ’22, Peer Mentor Student Coordinator

⁄ First-Year Experience (FYE)

First-Year Experience (FYE) Seminar, taught by SJC staff and faculty members, runs during the fall semester and addresses the challenges first-year students face. It highlights resources that support student success in areas of critical thinking and effective reading and writing skills that can be applied across each student’s curriculum. By actively supporting students as they transition to college, the FYE Seminar helps students grow and prosper as productive members of the Saint Joseph’s College of Maine campus community and the wider community as well. The program has proven to be a valuable tool for our first-year students and the College as a whole. In our ongoing commitment to serving students, we offer a section of FYE not only for our Undeclared students, but our Talbot Scholar cohort.

For more information, please contact Victoria Bernier, 207-893-7561,

⁄ Second-Year Experience (SYE)

Second Year Experience (SYE) was implemented specifically for second-year students to help continue supporting them, providing them with resources at SJC, creating new friendships, and ensuring they feel part of the SJC community. Several programs will be put together by Peer Mentors geared towards second-year students.

For more information, please contact Victoria Bernier, 207-893-7561,

⁄ Career Studio

The Career Studio is the best place to practice mock interviews, get assistance writing a resume and cover letter, prepare for graduate school applications, create a LinkedIn profile, and get connected to internship opportunities. The Career Studio can also assist you with tools and resources to explore your goals and better understand who you are and find the college major that fits you best.

For more information, please contact Career Studio, 207-893-7558,