Saint Joseph’s College is committed to providing equal education opportunity and full participation for persons with disabilities. It is the College’s policy that no qualified person be excluded from participating in any College program or activity, be denied the benefits of any College program or activity, or otherwise be subject to discrimination with regard to any college program or activity. Toward this end, and in conjunction with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504, the College both accepts, and provides reasonable accommodations for, qualified students with various types of disabilities.

While Saint Joseph’s College is ready to provide reasonable accommodations, the students must make an effort to advocate for and avail himself/herself of all services and agreed upon modifications.

Procedures For Accessing Accommodations

Students with disabilities who need accommodations and services must follow these procedures:

  • The student contacts the ADA Accommodations Manager upon admission to Saint Joseph’s College to receive the guidelines for documentation of a disability. The Manager explains to the student the College’s policies and procedures regarding accommodations.
  • The student provides current documentation according to the written guidelines regarding the disability. Documentation should indicate that the impairment is a disability that substantially limits a major life activity. School plans such as an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or a 504 Plan are useful but do not provide sufficient documentation to establish the rationale for accommodations. All files and information are confidential.
  • Procedures for Accessing Accommodations
  • Based on the nature of the disability and according to the documentation, reasonable accommodations are determined by the ADA Accommodations Manager. Determination of accommodations is provided to the student in writing.
  • The student has the responsibility to inform and provide his/her faculty of any agreed upon accommodation(s) in writing.

Documentation that is submitted must originate with the evaluator(s), and will not be accepted from any other individual, including the student on whom the evaluation was conducted.

ADA Accommodations

ADA Accommodations- Student by Holly Sanborn

All documentation is confidential and should be submitted to:

Holly Sanborn
Manager, ADA Accommodations
308 Alfond Hall
Saint Joseph’s College
278 Whites Bridge Road
Standish, ME 04084-5236
Tel. (207) 893-7562
Fax (207) 893-7866