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At Saint Joseph’s College, you’re not a nameless face in the crowd. Our academic programming offers values-based learning that both prepares you for the real world, and addresses who students are socially, emotionally, and spiritually, creating purpose-filled leaders. Our programs at Saint Joseph’s offer real-life opportunities from your first day to your last, taking you off campus and beyond.

Why choose SJC?

  • Space for learning: Intimate class sizes allow and encourage one-on-one interactions with faculty, creating honest mentorships, many of which become lifelong.
  • Evolved academics: Our academic programming refreshes in tandem with current workforce needs and new markets.
  • Learning together: The Community-Based Learning program works with faculty, students, and community partners to design and implement community projects and experiences in many courses. In and out of the classroom, there are opportunities to engage in high impact, place-based, hands-on learning both on campus and in communities, enabling you to continue to grow and evolve.
On campus health and wellness programs


On campus sport and exercise science programs

Sport and Exercise Science

On campus leadership for sustainable development programs

Leadership for Sustainable Development

On campus social science and humanities programs

Social Science and Humanities

Additional Programs

Affiliation (A) and Partnership (P)– A formal agreement between SJC and another institution of higher education.
Transfer Agreement (TA) and Transfer from SMCC (tr) – a transfer agreement or transfer articulation agreement is a formal agreement between SJC and another institution of higher education outlining the transfer policies for a specific academic program.