Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

With this major, students will acquire important skills and methods for scientific research, analysis, and synthesis.

TSJC Lesher 2020 056 HRhe major in chemistry provides students with the academic basis for careers in biochemistry, food science, forensic science, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, and other scientific fields. It also prepares students for graduate work in chemistry or in other science fields.

At a Glance

  • Routinely work one-on-one with faculty members.
  • Small class size.
  • Fully equipped laboratory.
  • Student engagement and training in modern methods and practical experience.


The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry combines a classic liberal arts education with the scientific study of chemistry. Courses include principles of chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, advanced inorganic chemistry, and more.

The Physical Sciences and Secondary Education

Physical Sciences and Secondary Education (PSSE) combines broad training in the physical, chemical and environmental sciences with a minor in Secondary Education. Students choose one of two tracks: Chemistry or Environmental. This program prepares graduates to teach a variety of high school sciences: chemistry, physics, environmental science, general science and/or earth science (depending on course selections and student interests).

Chemistry Minor

minor in Chemistry is available and requires students to take 20 credits of course work, including principles of chemistry I and II, organic chemistry I and II, and one elective.

Sustainability Studies Minor

minor in Sustainability Studies is available and requires students to take 20 credits of course work.

Some of our faculty

Emily Lesher
Emily LesherAssistant Professor
PhD, Colorado School of Mines
MS, Colorado School of Mines
BA, Dartmouth College
Yi Jin Kim Gorske
Yi Jin Kim GorskeAssociate Professor
PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
BA, University of California, Berkeley

Career moves

Prepare for careers in analytical, physical, organic, and agricultural chemistry as well as healthcare, education, and much more.

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In the news

Dr. Emily Lesher analyzes water samples with a female student.

Serving through Science

Dr. Emily Lesher and students analyze water samples from local schools for lead content.