Residential Summer Sessions for Online Programs

Maine is famously known as “Vacationland” and “The Way Life Should Be”—and summertime is Maine at its best! So why not take a course or two and you and your family can enjoy vacation time in Maine.

Two sessions to choose from:

Session 1: July 17-23
Session 2: July 24-30

Email your Student Support Specialist with any questions regarding hybrid courses for Summer 2022 and check this page for updates.

How does it work?

  • Students complete the first half of their course remotely (the first 5 to 6 weeks of your course, depending on whether you are enrolled in the 10-week Spring or 12-week Summer Terms.)

  • Next, you’ll complete the entire second half of your course—together with your instructor(s) and classmates—here on campus during your one-week residential session.

  • All residential courses will meet in the mornings (8:30am to 11:30am), affording students time in the afternoons and evenings.


  • Room and board packages start at $600 for a shared Double Room, and $720 for a Single Room.
  • These packages include the student’s 3 meals/day + snacks.
  • Additional room and board packages (e.g., for spouses or families) are also available.

Reservations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. The deadline for residential reservations and accompanying payment is May 1st.

Four reasons why you should enroll in Summer Session

  1. Quicker completion of courses means you save time this summer. Residential courses are 5 or 6 weeks + 1 week format vs. a traditional 10 or 12 week format.
  2. You’ll have special access to unique courses not found in our standard array of offerings.
  3. The dynamic synergy created by these lively interactions invariably leads to a fun, personalized, and memorable learning experience that often becomes the highlight of our programs—both for students and their instructors!
  4. Maine is a popular destination for tourists, vacationers, and world travelers—for good reason! With attractive room and board options on our beautiful campus, you (and your loved ones) can take advantage of all that our area has to offer!


TH 309/527 Exorcism in the Catholic Church
TH 211/511 Catholic Spirituality
TH 309/527 Faith, Reason, and Culture
ED 520 Research Design
HA 511 Leadership in Healthcare Administration
HA 575 Ethical and Legal Perspectives
FY 100 The Art of Student Success
MA 205 Elementary Statistics (Climate, Crime & COVID)
PH 310 An Introduction to Philosophy Through Film

TH 309/527 Exorcism in the Catholic Church
TH 211/511 Catholic Spirituality
TH 102/520 Introduction to the New Testament
HA 412/512 Quality in Healthcare/Quality Management and Performance Improvement
HA 343 Healthcare Finance

The following offerings are specially designed to accommodate both undergraduate and graduate level students. They all qualify as TH electives (and in some cases, TH required courses):

TH 309/527 Exorcism in the Church (Fossett). This course will aim to dispel myths surrounding exorcisms and examine the history, tradition, and praxis of exorcisms and deliverance ministry in the Church. It will also examine how the Church views and responds to reports of the paranormal.

TH 211/511 Catholic Spirituality: Presence and Practice (Hedrick). It’s well and good to read about Catholic spiritual traditions, but in the in-person summer version of the course, we will take the opportunity to explore the practices of those traditions both individually and communally (as a class) in their various methods of prayer as well as their gifts (charisms) of seeing the world and being in the world.

TH 309/527 Faith, Reason, and Culture (S. Green). Globalization and information technologies effectively collapse walls and barriers that once defined the boundaries and borders of our lives and of the disciplines within which we have learned to study. We, therefore, have an opportunity to open windows for understanding ourselves in relationship to others, the social order, and the social divisiveness and violent confrontations rooted in deep economic, political, ethnic, and theological/religious worldviews (cf. Gaudium et Spes 37). What faith questions do you have? In this class we will contemplate them together.

TH 102/520  Introduction to the New Testament (Koehne). One of our most popular offerings, we’re happy to offer this classic course for those who may want to knock out one of their core TH program requirements.

Other Summer Events

Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI)

Training from College Board-certified Advanced Placement consultants for new and experienced AP teachers. This summer, credit courses are offered online from July 19 to July 23.


  • Calculus AB
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • French Language
  • Spanish Language
  • U.S. Government & Politics
  • U.S. History

CPA Workshops

Designed for accounting professionals seeking continuing education credits to meet licensure requirements. Workshops offered in August and September.


About Campus

The College is located on 474 acres overlooking Sebago Lake, one of Maine’s most beautiful spots and a popular four-season recreation area. Only 20 miles northwest of coastal Portland, Maine’s largest city, an hour north of Portsmouth and just two hours from Boston. Portland is the #1 Ranked Food City in America! Experience Portland’s dining hot spots, cultural events, charming Old Port district, and shopping galore.

The campus is easily navigated on foot: scenic paths connect campus buildings, and a brisk five-minute walk will take you anywhere you need to be. A hilly descent to our own private sandy beach opens on a panoramic view of the lake with the White Mountains as a backdrop on the horizon.

When you pack, be prepared for a full range of weather conditions. The weather can change with typical New England style, so during your stay you may experience cool summer nights, and 90-degree days with high humidity. Casual dress is the norm. And remember to bring good, comfortable walking shoes.