Undergraduate academic programs at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine encourage you to find your passion, your calling in life. In close collaboration with faculty and other students, you’ll study history, literature, the environment, social justice, philosophy, the arts, science, theology, leadership, and community engagement. As an on-campus student, you’ll find time to explore scenic Maine, foster life-long relationships, nourish your interests, and unlock curiosities you’ve always wanted to pursue. You’ll enjoy opportunities for internships, research, study away, and service trips—all with an interest in making a difference in the world. As an online student, you’ll be deeply connected to your professors and advisors and a community. Whether on-campus or online, our undergraduate programs offer an immense variety, presenting limitless opportunity⁠—all you have to do is begin.

Campus Undergraduate Programs

Major (M), minor (m)  For key to other letters, please see below list of programs.

Track (T) - a specific path. The degree program leads to a specific career path.
Concentration (C) - a focused area of study
Affiliation (A) and Partnership (P)- A formal agreement between SJC and another institution of higher education.
Transfer Agreement (TA) and Transfer from SMCC (tr) - a transfer agreement or transfer articulation agreement is a formal agreement between SJC and another institution of higher education outlining the transfer policies for a specific academic program.

Online Undergraduate Programs

All are online Bachelor's programs unless otherwise noted.
Major (M), Minor (m), AS (Associate of Science)