BS in Interdisciplinary Studies

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What is Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)?

Online learner working on a tabletThe IDS program is similar to a General Studies program in that you can customize your learning experience, work toward your individual goals, and excel quickly toward your degree.

We recognize that many of our learners are working and may be looking for a new career trajectory. Many of our learners come to us with a wealth of professional knowledge and in most cases college level coursework that is ready to be transferred. We focus our attention on a value-centered approach to understanding the social world.

Why is IDS right for me?

The most important reason for choosing IDS is that your college experience should be shaped around what is meaningful to you and your future.

This program is designed for the inspired learner who is motivated to expand their career opportunities. By choosing more than one area of study, students will gain new perspectives and multiple skill sets that are marketable to numerous employers. For example, if a person is seeking to change their career, the IDS program allows students to explore what a Social Service Minor might look like coupled with a Long Term Administration minor as a pathway towards working in a healthcare setting.

At a Glance

  • A flexible, online format allows you to study on your own schedule.
  • Our generous credit transfer policy is designed to award maximum credit for prior learning experiences. We've been touted as one of the “most friendly” transfer institutions in the New England area.
  • Faculty with practical experience work one-on-one with you to ensure your success.
  • No campus visit is ever required.
  • Experiential and community-based learning experiences are available.
  • Interested students can accelerate their path to a master’s degree program with fast-track options.

How much will this program cost?


*Excludes textbooks and fees. Assumes no transfer of credit, and, at the graduate level, that all preparatory requirements have been met. Prices are subject to change. Click here for full tuition and fee details.

How long will it take?

Contact an admissions counselor now to see how long it would take you to earn this degree!


Bachelor's degree students need to complete 120 credits and at least 25% of those must be completed at SJC. Students who are transferring in a high number of credits may only need to complete one minor. Please call an Admissions Counselor at 1-800-752-4723 for more information.

As part of the IDS program, baccalaureate students will have an opportunity to study across disciplines and can choose their minor(s) from the approved program areas listed below. Students pursuing an associate’s degree in IDS will complete one approved minor.

Please note: Theology minors offer fast track options into Master’s degree programs.


It is about being part of a learning community where faculty, the program director and the academic advisor get to know you as a person, as a professional and as a lifelong learner. Moreover, the program itself is unique in that it provides new perspectives and multiple skill sets that are marketable to numerous employers. Moreover, IDS at its very core allows learners to see how their professional and community lives are an integral part of their learning experiences.

We work with various municipalities across the area to identify those individuals who may be seeking to complete their degrees, begin new ones or just are seeking to upskill at their current job. The program seeks partnerships with non-profit organizations and government agencies to create pathways for those employees seeking degree completion or new career trajectories.

In many of our courses, we encourage learners to partake in experiential learning whereby they connect with businesses, organizations, community groups or agencies to identify projects that are aligned with course outcomes. For example, we regularly have learners develop projects that will allow them an opportunity to engage with communities, companies or organizations to conduct research projects that not only focus on a passion of theirs but meets the needs of that community partner. Embedded into our courses are projects and experiences that promote problem solving using an interdisciplinary lens. This particular problem solving approach is highly sought after in many career fields.

Our capstone course allows learners to identify a professional pursuit or lifelong learning passion and delve deeply into it. This can include conducting research in a specific field. For example, one of our most recent graduates took time to research and understand the complexities of family homelessness. This learner was deeply concerned about the issue and also works with people who are homeless and was able to interview people to better understand their situation and to be more effective as an advocate.

Meet the program director

Dale Brooker 2021

Dr. Dale Brooker

Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies Program Director

PhD, Sam Houston State University
MA, Western Michigan University
BS, State University of New York

Learn more about Dale

Student stories

Bernie Scheffler
Bernie SchefflerAssistant Director of the First Street Mission
“Saint Joseph's generous transfer credit allowance, affordable tuition rate, and four-term-per-year schedule meant I could finish almost a year faster, and for several thousand dollars less, than anywhere else.”

→ Bernie’s research about Experiences of Family Homelessness is published.

Feather Bickford
Feather BickfordRadiology Technology
“The IDS program has allowed me to carry over my Radiologic Technology credits from my AS degree and pursue my Bachelor's degree. It has been great to customize my degree to meet my needs…it can be done all online as that is the only way I am able to fit it into my busy schedule.”
Nikki Albrecht
Nikki AlbrechtSimulation Learning Designer
“I was able to immediately apply what I learned, which not only helped me grow, but it also helped me succeed in my job.”

Career moves

Industry-specific curriculum in each of these online degree programs prepares you for more responsible positions in a variety of occupations. Courses blend content with your professional experience, allowing for immediate application in your work setting.