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Welcome to the Sciences at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. Nestled in the learning laboratory of Maine, we are a community of scientists who will help you grow, from classroom to coastline, lab to lakeside, and every opportunity in between. Our caring, excellent faculty will guide you from your first class to your career path, preparing you to make your impact on the world. We can’t wait to meet you.

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Semester. 10 weeks. 10 students.
The scientific adventure of a lifetime.

Pick Your Program

Pick Your Program

Our Immersive Approach

No matter where you’re studying science at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, your experience will be hands-on, collaborative, and connected to the world around us. Join us to see how our adventurous curriculum can launch your career as a leader and a scientist.

Environmental Science Semester

Immerse yourself in the community practice of field science for an entire semester. Make friends for life over the course of a 10-week “study anear” expedition to some of the most spectacular field laboratories in New England.

Research at SJC

Chemistry for the Community. Biology Research and Seminar. COVID wastewater testing. Sebago Lake research. Antibiotic studies. At SJC, we invite you to dive into real-world research on day one. So don’t wait. Just roll up your sleeves and get science started.

Geology in the Southwest

Journey to the American Southwest – Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and Death Valley. Discover fossils in the Grand Canyon. Climb a 1000 year old volcanic cinder cone. Camp in Zion National Park. A desert exploration where stunning rock formations meet the big sky.

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