Lucas Bernacki
Lucas BernackiAssociate Professor, Biology Department
PhD, University of Vermont
BS, Sacred Heart University

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Mercy Hall 102 | 207-893-7935 |

Teaches Biology and Ecology courses including Introduction to Biology, Developmental Biology, Ecology, Seminar and Research Thesis, and Special Topics: Evolution.

Scholarly interests – Landscape Genetics, Molecular Ecology, Species Conservation & Management, Invasive Species Ecology, Molecular Evolution.

Lucas Bernacki’s research interests are primarily in molecular ecology. His past research has focused on conservation genetics for the purpose of managing populations of both threatened species as well as game species. These projects have included investigations into the population structure of a variety of species such as Limulus polyphemus (Atlantic Horseshoe Crabs), Salmo trutta (Brown Trout), Coregonus clupeaformis (Lake Whitefish), Necturus maculosus (Mudpuppies), Apalone spinifera (Spiny Softshell Turtles), and Odocoileus virginianus (White-tailed Deer). Outside of work, Professor Bernacki enjoys small game hunting, dog training, and cross-country skiing.


An Investigation of the Testudine Mitochondrial Control Region

An Investigation of the Population Structure of Apalone spinifera in Lake Champlain


Turtle D-loop, Inferred Function from Structural Models

An Investigation of the Testudine Mitochondrial Control Region

Apalone spinifera, A GIS analysis of Nesting Beaches

Identification of Potential Spiny Softshell Turtle Nesting Beaches using GIS

Microsatellites in Conservation

Publications in Prep

Nesting Ecology of the Spiny Softshell Turtle (Apalone spinifera) in Lake Champlain

A Presentation of Techniques Designed to Enhance the Utility of Low Quality DNA in Turtles

Modeling the Testudine D-loop