Lenore DiFiore
Lenore DiFioreAssistant Professor, Sciences Department
DC, Western States Chiropractic College
BSN, University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Mercy Hall 215  | 207-893-7907  | ldifiore@sjcme.edu

Teaches Biology and Medical Biology courses including Anatomy and Physiology I and II, and Medical Microbiology.

Scholarly Interests - Effects of gardening on senior mental health and wellness, the role of intestinal microbiota in immune system homeostasis.

Lenore DiFiore has 25 years of experience working in healthcare as both an educator and a clinician. She served as a chiropractor and the clinical director at the Brackla Chiropractic Clinic in Bridgend, Wales, and as an adjunct faculty member at Southern Maine Community College. Currently, in addition to her position at Saint Joseph’s, DiFiore also teaches health sciences at Kaplan University, where she received the Faculty Excellence Award in 2008.

DiFiore is certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and holds her Doctor of Chiropractic in Maine, Oregon, and Wales. She’s a former member of both the Maine Chiropractic Association and the American Association of Medical Assistants. In the past, DiFiore has attended the Maine Chiropractic Association Annual Conference, and she continues to seek out courses to further her professional development.


2018, Excellence in Teaching Award, Saint Joseph's College

Excerpt from her Convocation Address in 2018
“You have an opportunity while here at SJC to find your inner calling.

Reverend Matthew Fox said you can't have music without silence so allow the 'between the notes' into yourself even though our culture is so  busy-all notes and no silence.

You are surrounded on this campus with places where you can unplug and observe: the lake, the trails, the chapel, the pasture across the street.

Find your gladness, your inner tool box. Sharpen those tools. Find what the community needs and then connect it all together.”