Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics


The major in mathematics provides students with quantitative skills for their chosen careers and develops processes of analytical discourse and critical reasoning.

Students will learn to formulate problems in mathematical language and to deal with mathematical structures and abstract ideas. A math major prepares graduates for entry into many different occupations. It is particularly suited to careers in teaching, actuarial science, business, and engineering. The Bachelor of Arts major in Mathematics includes two semesters of foreign language study.

At a Glance

  • Excellent record of graduates finding high-paying jobs.
  • Small size makes for highly individualized program and ability to adapt to particular student interests and needs.
  • Dedicated, experienced, and enthusiastic faculty.
  • Seminar course taken each semester builds dynamic community of learners.
  • Prospective high school teachers leave with certification in hand.
  • Strongly connected community of peers.
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The mathematics major at Saint Joseph’s combines a classic liberal arts education with an intensive mathematics curriculum. Each semester, every math major takes the seminar course, which meets once a week. Meetings consist of presentations by students, faculty and guest lecturers, discussions of common readings, problem sessions, and various other activities.

Mathematics and Secondary Education
The major in mathematics combined with a minor in secondary education is the basis for a career as a high school teacher of mathematics. Students who aspire to teach high school mathematics take a series of education courses in the secondary education minor, and complete a semester of student teaching in their senior year. This course of study has been approved by the State of Maine Department of Education and allows students to apply for certification as high school teachers. Students from other states should work with their secondary education advisor to secure current certification requirements for those states.

A minor in mathematics is available and requires students to take 20 credit hours. Courses include Calculus I, Calculus II, and three electives.

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David Pinchbeck
David PinchbeckAssociate Professor, Chair
PhD, University of Connecticut
MS, University of Connecticut
AB, Brown University

David Pinchbeck’s research interests lie in complex analysis, specifically in function theory on Riemann Surfaces. He works closely with each math major and supervises the senior thesis projects. Professor Pinchbeck also runs Mathematics Seminar courses, in which all majors participate in activities including giving talks, making trips to neighboring colleges, and talking about career options. He is also a member of the Mathematical Association of America, and in his free time, he enjoys reading, playing tennis, and listening to music.


Andrew Audibert
Andrew Audibert
Andrew is a math tutor at The Academic Center. He plans on teaching high school math.
Danielle Somma
Danielle Somma
Under water for hours at a time, mathematics alumna Danielle Somma ’06 keeps tabs on marine infrastructure in the NYC area as an engineer diver.


From teaching high school students to diving to inspect marine infrastructure, Saint Joseph’s mathematics graduates are making good use of their degrees. What will you choose to do?