Bachelor of Arts in History-Political Science, Secondary Education Minor

History is the study of mankind’s memory—the analysis of the change over time. Students who major in history-political science will develop research and synthesis skills, and learn to answer questions through exploration of the past.

Education student pointing to an area on a mapStudents majoring in history-political science are required to complete two semesters of foreign language study.

At a Glance

  • Emphasizes skills in analytical thinking, evaluating evidence-based problem solving, writing, and research.
  • Faculty published and respected in a variety of fields: military history, great generals of Civil War, great film directors, Irish immigration, and more.
  • Faculty members develop mentor relationships with students.
  • Broad-based understanding of significant historical periods.


The Bachelor of Art major in History-Political Science combined with a minor in Secondary Education is the basis for a career as a middle school or high school history-political science teacher. Students who aspire to teach middle school or high school history-political science also take a series of education courses in the secondary education minor with regular observations in history classrooms in area middle schools or high schools during their sophomore and junior years and then successful completion of a semester of senior student teaching.

This course of study has been approved by the State of Maine Department of Education and allows students to apply for certification as middle school or high school teachers.

Students earn a full bachelor’s degree in History-Political Science. The Secondary Education Minor courses are as follows:

Freshman Year: Foundations of Education
Sophomore Year: Curriculum Design Practicum – Secondary Education
Junior Year: Educational Psychology, Exceptionality, and Teaching Methods in the Secondary School
Senior Year: Student Teaching and Measurement & Evaluation

Some of our faculty

Mark Hibben, PhD
Mark Hibben, PhDAssociate Professor, Political Science / History Department
PhD, Syracuse University
MA, Syracuse University
MA, University of Birmingham, U.K.
BS, University of Maine
Michelle Laughran, PhD
Michelle Laughran, PhDAssociate Professor, Political Science / History Department
PhD, University of Connecticut
MA, University of Connecticut
BA, College of William & Mary
Patricia Waters, PhD
Patricia Waters, PhDAssociate Professor, Education
PhD, University of Rochester
MS, Pace University
BA, University of Rochester

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