Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


Learn how to successfully navigate the world of business with Saint Joseph’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

The business administration degree provides a general knowledge of business and allows students to build areas of expertise in six fields of study:

  • Accounting
  • Business & Sport Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management
  • Marketing

Visit the curriculum section below for more information on these program specialties.

In the business program, you are mentored by faculty members from your very first day. We make sure that you are in the right major. We help you select the right courses. In many cases, we help you design a program of study that allows you to double major while still finishing your degree in four years. These double majors are in areas as disparate as Finance and Marketing, Marketing and Psychology, Human Resources and Finance, or Management and Criminal Justice. Faculty work with you to uncover your potential and direct you to the right internships. We strive to make your time in the classroom not only engaging and worthwhile, but a good investment in your future as well. We do this through a positive and upbeat attitude, high expectations, and a genuine desire for you to succeed, a mixture that will help lead you to a well-paying job that you enjoy and that challenges you. We are here not only to mentor you during your academic career, but after you graduate as well. This strong, supportive relationship between faculty and students is one of the many things that makes Saint Joe’s business program unique.

At a Glance

  • Sound foundation in the core disciplines of business administration including accounting, marketing, management, and economics; skills needed in order to operate successfully in graduate school and the professional world.
  • Ability to choose one of several areas of concentration within the business administration discipline.
  • Emphasizes the understanding of international business and the global economy.
  • Provides sufficient preparation to enable students to pursue professional certifications such as Certified Public Accountant and other professional designations.
  • Ability to take courses toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree at the same time.
  • Over 80% of our students participate in business internships, which often lead to jobs.
  • Students participate in real-world, community-based class projects in corporate settings.
  • Faculty members, most still working in the business world or own businesses, actively help students find internships and jobs.
  • Accelerated programs for fast degree completion are available for both the MAcc and MBA programs.
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What will you be able to do at the end of your four years?

Among many other things, you will learn to write a business plan, make an effective business presentation, do some serious research, and run a simulated company, using the skills you have acquired in marketing, finance, and human resources. By the end of your degree, you will have the tools to work for any company or run your own small business.


3-Year Accelerated BSBAFinish your Business degree in three years!
Motivated students, with assistance from their advisors, devise a three-year degree plan that:

  • Takes advantage of SJC’s flexible online course offerings year round; and
  • Adapts to any internship or employment commitments.

4 + 1 Accelerated MBA Degree – Fast track into the Master of Business Administration online program.

  • Begin taking graduate courses in your Junior year;
  • Benefit from the flexibility of online course options at any time;
  • Choose from carefully selected concentration options; and
  • Apply credits earned to graduate degree program immediately following final semester of undergraduate program, or at a later date.


Courses in the business administration major provide students with a core base of knowledge in business theory, skills, and applications. Choose from one of six specializations.


The major in accounting prepares graduates to pursue professional certifications. Students majoring in accounting study financial statements, cost accounting, taxes, auditing, and financial analysis.

Business and Sport Management

Business and sport management provides students with preparation for future careers in either a business or sports environment. It places a strong emphasis on business administration/management and a sports focus in athletic and recreation management/sport event planning. For students with a deep interest in sports, this integrated specialization provides a solid background in business yet helps prepare them for managing professional sports teams and sports-related venues, both small and large.


With the major in finance, students gain a deeper understanding of finance through the same business simulation software Fortune 500 companies use to train their managers. The curriculum focuses on entrepreneurial and ethical sustainability in the study of finance, with an equal focus on all stakeholders including employees, customers, community, government, and stockholders.

Human Resource Management

SHRM certification logo

SJC is a SHRM aligned program.

The major in human resource management prepares students for careers in recruiting and employment, compensation, benefits, training, and labor relations, while focusing on how organizations can better manage their human resources to perform more effectively. Students will study recruitment and staffing, training, management and employee development, employment and union-management relations, wage and salary management, evaluation of employee performance, national and international human resource policies and programs, as well as organizational behavior, development, and leadership.

The human resource management track reflects on the business partner model that the best HR professionals have a broad base of business skills, allowing them to function as business partners within an organization. This major combines accounting, management, marketing, economics, business law, and ethics courses with a strong internship program and the required human resource courses. The track fully aligns with Society for Human Resource Management's (SHRM) HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates.


The B.S.B.A.’s Management major provides students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to grow and become leaders in their chosen industry and field.  Students will be prepared with the diverse expertise necessary for entrepreneurial endeavors or careers in established businesses, start-ups and non-profit entities. Our program will inspire you to become a lifelong learner towards the goal of having a rewarding, long-term career in business.

Students have several options in regards to management electives that they must complete and this gives the student the freedom to develop a deeper level of knowledge in a particular area of business acumen. That could be finance, accounting, marketing or human resources management.


The major in marketing builds on the core curriculum in business administration, combining business theory, skills, and applications. This program teaches collaboration through team projects, as well as an immersive, hands-on educational experience with real-world partnerships with local companies and small classes.

Business Administration Minor

minor in business administration is available and requires students to take 20 credit hours.

International Business Minor

A minor in international business is available and requires students to take 20 credit hours.

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Meet Our Faculty


Sean Costa, 2017 business minor“I've been working in sales since graduation, and I'm currently a Mid-Enterprise Account Executive at a cybersecurity start-up in Boston. I've been with both start-up and large, publicly traded cybersecurity companies. Even with just the limited courses I took for a minor, the understanding of cross departmental functions within both the organizations I have worked for, and am selling to, has helped accelerate my career. Additionally, adding the minor and picking up a business internship with Mercedes-Benz was instrumental in my career path; without that change, I would not be in the position I am today.”

— Sean Costa ’17, business minor


Antony Girlando
Antony GirlandoChair, Associate Professor
DBA, Nova Southeastern University
MBA, The American University
BSBA, The American University
Laurie Murphy
Laurie MurphyAssociate Professor
MS, Southern New Hampshire University
BS, Franklin Pierce College
Barbara Belik
Barbara BelikAssistant Professor
JD, State University of New York at Buffalo
MBA, State University of New York at Buffalo
BS, State University of New York College at Geneseo


Loreley Mendez Vega
Loreley Mendez Vega

Loreley was able to apply concepts and strategic planning — skills she learned in her business classes — to tasks that she performed in her internship. Learn more about Loreley’s internship.

Dalton Gaumer
Dalton Gaumer

Excelling in soccer and business: Dalton Gaumer ’19 leveraged his athletic success into a series of internships and work experiences that allowed him to pursue his passion for business and sport management.


With a degree in business administration and a specialization in one of Saint Joseph’s College’s six tracks, students will be prepared for real-world corporate settings. Career options in: