Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Promotion


The health and wellness promotion major allows students to combine their passion for providing health services with community outreach.

Thanks to the program’s holistic curriculum, students learn to share in a client’s success. Graduates with this degree will be able to analyze a community’s health, develop a plan of action to combat health and wellness issues, and then strategically implement their vision. The long-term planning skills students learn and utilize as an undergrad can be used to assist clients in leading happy and healthy lives. And now is the time:  A report from the U.S. Department of Labor indicates that the 10-year job growth rate for health educators is more than double the national average of other careers.

At a Glance

  • A holistic curriculum is designed to maximize a student’s professional success.
  • Faculty provides expert guidance on the subjects of exercise science, sports management, athletic training, exercise pedagogy, and teacher education.
  • Access to a state-of-the-art human performance laboratory.
  • Small class sizes allow students to achieve dedicated attention from faculty members.
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Health and Wellness Promotion

Backed by a solid foundation of courses, the Health and Wellness Promotion program carries the credibility and expertise employers look for in a prospective hire. Select course topics include fitness and sports training, community nutrition, health promotion and organization, health psychology, and exercise physiology, in addition to electives in education.

Health and Wellness Promotion/Pre-Occupational Therapy Track

Students enrolled in the Health and Wellness Promotion/Pre-Occupational Therapy major complete the Health and Wellness Promotion curriculum and through a combination of required and elective courses, complete the required coursework for application to Occupational Therapy graduate degree programs. Occupational therapists, known as OT’s, work as part of a health care team to treat patients of all ages with injuries, illnesses or disabilities through the therapeutic use of everyday activities. In clinical, community and industrial settings, OT’s help patients of all ages develop, recover, and improve skills needed for daily living and working.

Health-related Minors

An Integrative Health Science minor is available and requires students to take 18-20 credits.

A Public Health minor is available and requires students to take 18-20 credits.

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Health and Wellness Promotion

We have obtained an articulation agreement with Merrimack College, whereby students at Saint Joe’s who earn a minimum 3.0 GPA and a grade of “B” or better in pre-requisite courses and who signed a letter of intent by October 1st of junior year at Saint Joe’s would receive admission to Merrimack's Master of Science in Community Health Education or Master of Science in Health and Wellness Management programs. Furthermore, students would qualify for various levels of fellowship funding depending on their overall GPA.

Health and Wellness Promotion/Pre-Occupational Therapy

We have obtained an articulation agreement with the University of Southern Maine, whereby students at Saint Joe’s who earn a minimum 3.0 GPA and a grade of “B” or better in pre-requisite courses and who signed a letter of intent by October 1st of their junior year at Saint Joe’s would receive admission to USM's Master of Occupational Therapy program.


Dr. Karen Croteau
Dr. Karen CroteauProfessor of Health & Wellness Promotion/Exercise Science
EdD, Boston University
MEd, McNeese State University
BS, Bridgewater State College
Dawn Strout
Dawn Strout Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
MEd, University of Maine Orono
BS, University of Maine Orono
Chris Willer
Chris WillerAssistant Professor, Sport and Exercise Science
MSEd, Saint Joseph’s College (Maine)
BS, Saint Joseph’s College (Maine)


Brianna Cobb ’21
Brianna Cobb ’21Health and Wellness Promotion/Pre-Occupational Therapy

Students who keep our communities healthy in body and mind

“I spent this semester interning at an assisted living facility in southern Maine - as an activities coordinator, developing and implementing activities and programs for the older adult residents at the facility. Especially during the pandemic, these activities have offered them vital interactions, joy, and a sense of normalcy. One program I developed was a new seated yoga class offered to our independent residents to encourage physical and mental relaxation and activity. Not only have the residents become more flexible and more confident in their physical abilities, but they routinely express how relaxing and happy they feel after our class. I am so glad to have brought them some joy during these difficult times. The activities department plans to continue offering my yoga class, and the residents are ecstatic to have this new program continue.”


“I graduated from Saint Joe’s in 2017 and started at Saint Dominic Academy about a year after that. Initially after graduation I was still trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. Health and wellness is such a broad major with so many different career paths. For a while I was considering working in a hospital or doctors office and working on the clinical side of health and wellness. But, I come from a family of teachers and have always been exposed to the world of education. Ultimately, I found education to be a more interesting career path. I felt like, if I can take my passion and use it to motivate kids to be healthier, and really make an impact and difference in their lives, that’s the most fulfilling job to me. I get so excited to come to work every day and see the kids, try new things, and create strategies that grow this program and make it stand out.”

— Physical Education Teacher, Saint Dominic Academy

Bethany Fox '17
Bethany Fox '17Health and Wellness Promotion


Health and wellness promotion professionals understand the multi-faceted health needs of any given community. Explore specific career opportunities.