Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies


This online degree program, rooted in Roman Catholic theology and ministry, serves people involved with parishes, diocesan agencies, hospitals, retreat/spiritual centers or social service agencies.

This online program offers quality, accredited theological education for those who seek to serve the needs of the Catholic Church and society.

At a Glance

  • Graduates will be prepared for graduate study in theology or pastoral ministry.
  • There is a fast track to the Master of Arts in Theology program.
  • Flexible online format allows you to work at your own pace and schedule.
  • Equipping those who serve the Church with an understanding of their faith.
  • Excellent preparation for deacons, deacon candidates, deacon wives, and deacon candidate wives.
  • Assists those interested in, or moving toward, the Catholic Church.
  • No on-campus residency requirement. Optional residential summer sessions allows you to accelerate your degree.
  • Superb faculty, rooted in the Church, will work one-on-one with you to ensure your success.

Fast-Track Option

Current undergraduate students also have the opportunity to fast-track into the Master of Arts in Theology or Master of Divinity.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies offers a solid theological foundation in Catholic doctrine with a deep spiritual and pastoral orientation. The programs are in keeping with the values of Saint Joseph’s College, which are rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the heritage of the Sisters of Mercy.

Fast-Track Option

Current undergraduate students also have the opportunity to fast-track into the Master of Arts in Theology or Master of Divinity.


Why study theology online at Saint Joseph’s College?

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Carmina Magnusen Chapp
Carmina Magnusen Chapp
Ph.D., Duquesne University
M.A., Providence College
B.A., University of Notre Dame
Patricia Sodano Ireland
Patricia Sodano Ireland
Ph.D., Drew University
M.Phil., Drew University
M.Div., Andover Newton Theological School
M.A., Boston College
B.A., Boston College
The Rev. Frank Donio, S.A.C.
The Rev. Frank Donio, S.A.C.
D.Min., The Catholic University of America
M.Div., Washington Theological Union
M.S., Villanova University
M.A., The Catholic University of America
B.A., The Catholic University of America


Karen MentlewskiDirector of Religious Education
During my studies I was diagnosed with cancer. I was, and continue to be, supported by my advisor and professors through their understanding, encouragement and prayer. What a blessing!
Dennis ReichardBusiness Manager
The courses are challenging and the professors do give you good feedback and are easy to get in contact if you are having a problem. The tuition is very reasonable for graduate studies and if you need an extension it isn’t a problem.
Kevin P. Cannon
St. Joseph’s College has provided an excellent educational process for me. The professors have been top notch, are always readily available to assist in my education process and have shared a wealth of knowledge above and beyond the coursework they have presented.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic, directors of religious activities and religious education direct and coordinate activities of a denominational group to meet religious needs of participants. These individuals plan, direct, or coordinate church school programs designed to promote religious education among church membership. They may provide counseling and guidance relative to marital, health, financial, or religious problems. Learn more about jobs with this major.



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You may qualify for a discount on tuition through your employer.

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