Payment Options

The College sends bills for each semester and while many families pay this bill in full, other families choose to use one or more of the following financing options.

Payment Plan 

This interest-free monthly plan allows families to spread all or part of the semester's expenses over five equal monthly payments beginning in June. Participation in the plan requires a non-refundable fee. For more information about the plan, contact Tuition Management Systems:

Federal Direct Parent (PLUS) Loan

Many of our families choose to use a federal parent loan to pay all or part of the balance remaining after financial aid.  You may apply as early as May, but you will want to have your financial aid award letter first to determine the amount that you will need to borrow for the academic year.  For more details about this credit-based federal program, go to

To apply for this loan:

1) Complete the application process at website - the parent borrower signs in with his or her FAFSA PIN. We recommend that you apply after July 1 for the 2015-2016 academic year.

2) If the application is approved, the parent borrower must complete the Master Promissory Note.

Repeat borrowers for the same student do not need to complete a new promissory note, but must apply for the loan each year by completing Step 1.

Private Education Loans

There are also credit-based private education loans available to pay all or part of the balance remaining after financial aid. We encourage you to research your loan options carefully.  You may begin the application process in May, but you will want to have your financial aid award letter first to determine the amount that you will need to borrow for the academic year. 

We recommend that you apply for federal financial aid and exhaust all federal loan sources first as the terms and conditions of those loans may be more favorable than the provisions of private education loans.

If you are approved for a loan, you will be asked to complete a Self-Certification Form from the lender. On this form, you will report the Cost of Attendance, total financial aid (from the award letter including any outside scholarships) and the difference between the two (the maximum loan that could be certified).  Contact our office if you need help with this form.

Need some help beginning your lender search?

Our families have used these lenders during the past three years. We are providing this information for your research only - we do not recommend or endorse any particular private lender.  The lenders are presented in alphabetical order.

Questions to ask the lender before you apply for a private loan:

  1. Can the loan be used to pay for prior balances?
  2. Is there a minimum amount I have to borrow?
  3. Are interest payments required while I’m in school?
  4. What is the interest rate and is it fixed?
  5. What are the repayment terms?
How to Apply
  1. Initiate the application process by choosing a lender and contacting them directly to begin the pre-approval process.
  2. Your lender will perform a credit review. If approved, your lender will mail you a pre-printed promissory note that you will need to complete and return to your lender. Most students require a co-signer.
  3. Complete the Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification Form and return it to the lender.
  4. Once we have received notification from your lender that you have returned your completed promissory note and self-certification, we will certify your loan as long as you are admitted to a degree program and have enrolled at least half-time.
  5. Once your lender has received all necessary information from you and our office, you will be sent additional disclosures from your lender. Once all requirements are met, your lender will send your loan funds to the Bursar’s Office according the disbursement schedule we have approved.

CHESLA Loan Program
(student must be a resident of Connecticut)
Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority 

Phone:  1-888-295-0911

Discover Student Loans 
Phone:  1-877-728-3030

CU Student Loans

Phone: 1-877-581-9019

The Maine Loan
Maine Education Loan Authority

Phone:  1-800-922-6352

(student must be a resident of Massachusetts)

Phone:  1-800-266-0243

NJClass Loans
(student must be resident of NJ)
Phone: 1-800-792-8670

PNC Solution Loan
PNC Bank

Phone:  1-800-762-1001

Rhode Island Family Education Loan
(student must be a resident of Rhode Island)

Phone:  1-800-758-7562 

Sallie Mae SMART Option Loan
Sallie Mae
Phone:  1-888-272-5543

South Carolina Student Loan

(student must be resident of S.C.)
Phone: 1-800-347-2752

Student Choice Private Loan
(borrower must be a primary account holder at the credit union)
Digital Federal Credit Union


Custom Choice Loan by SunTrust Bank
Phone:  1-866-763-6350

Citizens Bank TruFit Student Loan

Phone:  1-800-708-6684

VSAC Loan Advantage
(student must be a resident of Vermont)
Vermont Student Assistance Corporation

Phone:  1-800-798-8722 or 1-802-655-4050

University Credit Union
(borrower and co-borrower must be credit union members)
University Credit Union 

Phone:  1-800-696-8628

Wells Fargo Student Loan
Wells Fargo Bank

Phone:  1-800-378-5526