Saint Joseph’s College, through the Office of Continuing Education and Training, develops beneficial relationships with a variety of organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, to meet the educational needs of their employees and associates. We work with your organization to design a program that meets your specific educational goals and promotes your investment in your employees’ development.

Benefits of Education Partners Program

  • Discounted tuition and application fee waivers for your employees/associates.
  • Employee retention: Employer-sponsored education is a strong incentive for employees to stay with an organization.
  • Employee professional development: Helping qualified employees move up within the organization and stay current in their field improves morale and productivity. These programs can also help staff members acquire or maintain professional licensure.
  • Flexibility: Our online programs are offered in a way that employees can study when they want, on their time, or if your company chooses, even while at work. Students can maintain their jobs while pursuing their education.

Services for Education Partners

  • Assessment of your educational needs and assistance in addressing your institutional challenges, such as meeting your schedules for staff education and training needs, enhancing your staff-retention program and developing career paths for your employees.
  • Academic consultation to the organization and academic counseling for your employees.
  • Delivery of our existing online associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to your employees.
  • Development and delivery of customized educational programs to meet your organization’s specific needs.
  • On-site course delivery at Education Partner’s headquarters, regional offices, individual facilities or other geographically advantageous locations

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