Discover your passion

  • More than 40 majors, minors and partnership programs.
  • Classes of just six students are not unusual.
  • Average class size of 17.
  • Student faculty ratio 14:1.
  • First-year students meet with a faculty mentor.
  • Professors personally advise you.

The College Experience—Centered Around You

Our focus is outcome driven and outcome based so that students can expect their experience to lead them somewhere fruitful.

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An experience beyond the classroom

May Semester ClassBiology instructor Camilla Fecteau takes her students on an explorative, hands-on course to document the wildlife that cover the College's 430-acre campus. Together they hike under the towering branches of American beech, eastern hemlock and eastern white pine trees that line the cross country trails. Using an array of tools, their research gives even more character to campus, and it readies the students' paths to success.

Experiential learning at its finest


Creative futures begin here

A liberal arts education prepares students for a multitude of future endeavors, and current students and alumni have taken advantage of our comprehensive curriculum. Just ask Yu Ping Hu ’15, Andrew Mockler ’12 and Nate Winter ’16: They are combining their creative aptitude with business savvy to foster success as artists.

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My favorite experience with faculty

Katy Jones Fortin“I had Dr. Auger for medical microbiology my freshman year, and she was supportive, helpful and extremely approachable. I connected with her on a personal level, too. Sometimes I went to her office to ask her a question about class and ended up talking about life. And she put in a good word for me when I applied to become the anatomy tutor. Being at a small school allows you to really get to know your professors, and it can make a huge difference.”
—Katy Jones-Fortin ’15 nursing, biology minor