Bachelor of Science in Nursing

nursing students working in the infant simulation lab giving oxygen to the simulation infant who is in the warmerAccreditation

The baccalaureate and master’s programs at Saint Joseph’s College are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington DC 20036, 202-887-6791.


The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program goals are to:

  • prepare a generalist to practice professional nursing in a variety of settings
  • provide each graduate with a foundation for continuing education and graduate study

Four major concepts of nursing theory comprise the framework of the curriculum: human beings, health-illness, nursing and environment. All nursing courses are organized around these concepts and the assumption that people as shaped by interrelated systems – biological, psychological, and social – and in constant interaction with a changing environment.

Strengths of the Nursing Program

  • Nursing students start nursing courses immediately in the freshmen year
  • Nursing students start hands-on clinical experience in the sophomore year 
  • Nursing students get close supervision, mentoring, and individual attention from their faculty
  • Caring in the Mercy tradition is an integral part of the nursing major 
  • Students in clinical internships in other regions or states can take live virtual classes via the Web 

Our Nursing Clinical Sites

During their nursing courses, our students learn through clinical hours at the following hospitals. We also have many agencies including visiting nurse agencies, schools, long-term care agencies, and corporations where they learn community health nursing. For their final capstone internship, many hospital locations throughout Maine and in other states are available to them.

Southern Maine Medical Center
Maine Medical Center
Mercy Hospital
Central Maine Medical Center
MidCoast Hospital
St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center
Stephen’s Memorial Hospital
Spring Harbor Hospital

Philosophy and Mission

Application of the conceptual framework ensures implementation of the philosophy and objectives of the Department, which are in accord with the philosophy and objectives of Christian humanism as set forth in Saint Joseph's mission statement. Humans are viewed as holistic adaptive beings endowed by God with dignity and free will. Health is viewed as the harmonious interrelationship of body-mind-soul and the environment. Nursing is viewed as an art and a science that facilitates the mobilization of external and internal resources available to individuals, families and communities, so health is achieved, promoted, and/or maintained.

nursing student working on simulation man as nursing professor looks onThe professional nurse is deemed accountable to society and uses the processes of teaching-learning, communication, research, and leadership by applying the nursing process to meet needs of clients in all settings. The faculty supports the baccalaureate degree as the minimum educational preparation for the professional nurse and believes learning best occurs in an environment where mutual respect exists between teacher and learner. Students in the Nursing major must attain a "C+" grade or better in professional courses and a "C-" or better in science courses.

The Nursing program enrolls a limited number of students each year. Admission is selective. The admission committee reviews applicants' high school curriculum, grades, and SAT scores. A college preparatory curriculum is required with grades of "C" or better in biology and chemistry courses with laboratory components.