Bachelor of Science in Physical Education/Teacher Preparation

Physical exercise class learning new skills to teach when they get our in the working worldThe Bachelor of Science Physical Education/Teacher Preparation program at Saint Joseph’s College provides the necessary information and physical skills to prepare candidates to enter the marketplace being career-focused, market savvy and a leader in physical education.

Centered on hands-on experience both on campus and at other venues, physical education majors gain an education that sets them apart – as teachers, trainers and leaders.

Studying the social nature of different cultures, students develop lesson plans that fit any situation. With a unique focus on sports and physical skills, the curriculum integrates teaching practices that transcend cultural, social and economic status. “If we prepare effective and caring teachers, our society will be better equipped physically, socially and mentally,” says program director Dr. Amy Rady.

Graduates are prepared to succeed in advanced studies in many different educational settings, including middle and high schools, fitness centers, the world of physical and occupational therapists, and many others.

Strengths of the program

  • Students graduate with a strong resume and enhanced marketability
  • Appearances at local and national conferences develop social and networking skills
  • Small classes ensure a personalized experience
  • Numerous opportunities to employ skills in the greater community
  • Students expand on their leadership skills in the Sport and Exercise Science Club
  • Graduates are prepared to become certified teachers in grades K-12

Highlights of the curriculum

  • Focus on physical and mental skills
  • Lessons on team building and leadership
  • Develops grade 6 through 12 cross-cultural activities
  • Freshman practicum provides hands-on expertise in area schools
  • Classes built around adventure programming, where getting out and experienced is key to future success

WCSH 6 recognizes Saint Joseph’s wellness, community focused event Are you Fitter than a Fifth-Grader?

Are you smarter than a fifth grader?On April 24, Portland’s WCSH 6 visited campus to cover Are You Fitter than a Fifth-Grader, a friendly and fun fitness competition between students from the College and fifth-graders from George E. Jack School in Standish. The event included sit-ups, basketball foul shots, push-ups and other exercises.

Organized with the help of physical education students and the Wellness Program, the comparison highlighted the difference in capabilities as they relate to age and level of training. But most of all, the event was about engaging students and displaying the significance of healthy and active living.

Held in the Harold Alfond Center gymnasium, fifth-graders tested their skills against physical education, exercise science, nursing and elementary education students from the College. For more on the event, watch WCSH6’s coverage at