Bachelor of Arts in Theology

stained glass church windowWith a major in theology, you will gain knowledge and understanding of Catholic theology, including the Bible, the creeds, and the ideas and practices of Catholicism and other major religions.

Strengths of the theology department:

  • You will be educated for entry into many different occupations, such as careers in teaching, law, religious education, religious vocation or ministry, and even business. Many alumni are employed in the fields of youth ministry, secondary education, retreat and counseling services, social work, nonprofit fundraising, diocesan programming and ordained ministry.
  • Our faculty includes renowned scholars who have authored books, articles and monographs.
  • We offer you independent study, internships and international service trips.
  • We offer you a broad set of courses in which both Catholics and non-Catholics can feel comfortable and engaged.
  • You can take up to two online classes to fulfill your major, and for those who qualify, those two can be graduate courses counting toward a master's degree.
  • Double major and minor opportunities abound.

Students majoring in theology often double major in English, history, philosophy, psychology, science or sociology. The Bachelor of Arts includes two semesters of foreign language study and a requirement to complete a 20-credit minor in another academic field.

Theology Minor

A minor in Theology is available and requires students to take 20 credit hours.

In the news

The Significance of Jerusalem in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Visiting scholar Dr. Raphael Jospe, a professor of Jewish philosophy at Ariel University in the West Bank, explores Jerusalem’s significance for the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths, and whether or not their claims to the city can be reconciled. A contentious, complex and volatile issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Jerusalem arouses deep emotions from all sides of the debate.

Counting on the Council

Theology professor Dr. Daniel Sheridan on the significance of the Second Vatican Council.

Vatican II After 50 Years Symposium

Sponsored by the Department of Theology

Movies and Religion: A Match Made in Heaven

MaryAnn Sheridan uses film to help students understand religious faith. According to renowned Academy Award-winning director Martin Scorsese, in his life there are only two things: movies and religion.

"Trekking Saint Paul from Jerusalem to Rome" – Steve Bridge

In this talk, theology professor Dr. Steve Bridge relives the exciting highlights and unexpected adventures of an ambitious quest to retrace the footsteps of Saint Paul. (Acts 1:8).

In the footsteps of Paul: Biblical scholar will retrace apostle's path

TurkeyIn his second year of research, Dr. Bridge travels to Turkey and Greece. Become part of his travels as you look at his photos on flickr.

Theology professor Steven Bridge received this year's faculty development grant, which will allow him to study abroad for weeks at a time over the next three years. In May, Dr. Bridge went to Jerusalem for two months where he will begin his research on the Apostle Paul. He plans to travel through Turkey and Greece during his second year, and visit Rome during the third year.  read more

Dr. Bridge's photos of his trip to Holy LandDr. Bridge documents his two-month trip through the Holy Land. Look at his photos on flickr.

Love, sweat and the theology of the hammer

Students pitch in to help alumnus dedicated to affordable housing for all

On the waterfront: a ministry of presence 

Mary Anne Wallace '63 manages a nonproit marine ministry group in the Marine Trade Center on Portland's waterfront, where it provides care and compassion along with clothing, magazines, phone cards and just about anything else foreign crews need when they make it to port.