Meet the staff

We make every effort to give personal attention to each prospective student and their family. Below you’ll find a list of our admission team members. Please feel free to contact the staff member for your region with any questions, or just to let them know you’re interested in Saint Joseph’s.

Many of our admission staff travel to high schools in the spring and fall, so it may take a few days to hear back while they are on the road. If you have immediate questions, please contact the Office of Admission at 1-800-338-7057 or

Kathleen Davis

Dean of Admission

Kathleen Davis
  • College Education: Clarkson University, M.B.A.
    Russell Sage College, B.S., Business Administration
  • Hometown: Keene, NH
  • High School: Keene High School
  • Favorite Leisure time activity: Reading, Walking the Beach
  • Favorite TV shows: New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family
  • Favorite Food: Anything that I do not cook

My advice to students applying to college:

Be sure to attend a campus event or schedule a visit. Going to a school is the best way to learn about it. It affords you and your family the chance to get to know the admissions team, faculty, coaches and current students. You never fully know what a school is all about until you have had the opportunity to experience it.

Nik Ray

Director of Admissions

Nik J. Ray
  • College Education: Thomas College, M.B.A.
    Thomas College, B.S., Management
  • Hometown: Augusta, ME
  • High School: Cony High School
  • Favorite Leisure time activity: Spending time on the lake
  • Favorite TV shows: NCIS, Man vs. Food

My advice to students applying to college:

Visit any college that you are truly interested in. Many students visit colleges multiple times before making that final decision. When it comes time to select a college, make sure to choose a school that you will succeed at academically and also feel comfortable at socially. 

Kate A. Chamberlain

Assistant Director of Admissions

Kate Chamberlain
  • Where you'll find me: Eastern MA
  • College Education: The College of Saint Rose, B. A., Communications
  • Hometown: Saratoga Springs, NY
  • High School: Saratoga Central Catholic
  • Favorite TV shows: Breaking Bad, The League, Luther, Shameless, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Arrested Development, Boardwalk Empire.
  • Favorite Movie: Field of Dreams

What you like best about Saint Joe’s?:

The people! Saint Joe’s has a warm, inviting staff and faculty to make anyone’s experience a positive one.

Diana Huppe '08

Admissions Counselor

Diana Huppe
  • Where you'll find me: CT, International Counselor
  • College Education: Saint Joseph’s College, B.S., Sports Management; University of Canberra, Australia study abroad, Spring 2007.
  • Hometown: Buxton, ME
  • High School: Bonny Eagle High School
  • Favorite TV shows: The Office & Parks and Recreation
  • Favorite Book: A Walk In the Woods by Bill Bryson
  • Favorite Leisure time activity: Campfires

What do you like best about SJC?

How friendly and easily accessible the faculty and staff are.

Blake Edwards '11

Assistant Director of Admissions

Blake Edwards
  • Where you'll find me: Southern ME, NY, NJ
  • College Education: Saint Joseph's College, B.S., Biology/PreMed with minors in Chemistry and Theology
  • Hometown: Glide, Oregon
  • High School: Glide High School
  • Favorite Book: Sophie’s World: A History of Philosophy by Jostein Gaarder
  • Favorite TV Shows: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, The League

My advice to students applying to college:

Always keep an open mind about the schools you are considering and the major you’re considering. I think students today have too much pressure to choose the right school or course of study and they forget that this process should be fun and exciting. Also stay in touch with the schools you are considering so that they can help you through the process as much as possible.

Jonathan Horgan '12

Admissions Counselor

Jonathan Horgan
  • Where you'll find me: RI, South Shore MA, and Northern ME
  • College Education: Saint Joseph's College, B.S., Management
  • Hometown: Hingham, MA
  • High School: Hingham High School
  • Favorite TV shows: Suits, The Office, Friday Night Lights, and Under the dome
  • Favorite Quote: “Don’t count the days, make the days count”

Your advice/tip to students applying to college?

To choose a school where you feel at home, and can see yourself growing over the next four years of your life.

Jimmy Kennedy '13

Admissions Counselor

Jimmy Kennedy
  • Where you'll find me: Western MA, VT, and Central ME
  • College Education: Saint Joseph's College, B.S., Exercise Science
  • Hometown: York, ME
  • High School: York High School
  • Favorite Hobbies or Leisure time activity: Anything that I can do outside with my friends.
  • Favorite Food: Steak and Potatoes

My advice to students applying to college:

Keep an open mind and visit as many places as possible. You’ll never know how perfect a college could for you be until you visit!

Jennifer Veino

Assistant Director

Jennifer Higgins
  • Where you'll find me: NH, Transfer Counselor
  • College Education: Thomas College, M.B.A., Thomas College, B.A., Psychology
  • Hometown: Old Town, ME
  • High School: Old Town High School
  • Favorite TV shows: Friends

Your advice/tip to students applying to college?

Visit, visit, visit! During a campus visit you have the opportunity to interact with current students, faculty and staff and discover if you can envision yourself becoming apart of the school.

Lynn Brown

Dean of Enrollment Programming

Lynn Brown
  • Where you'll find me: Greater Portland area, ME
  • College Education: University of Southern Maine, M.S.Ed., C.A.S., Wheaton College, B.S., Psychology & Sociology
  • Hometown: Standish, ME
  • High School: Bonny Eagle High School
  • Favorite Hobbies or Leisure time activity: Reading & attending SJC athletic events
  • Favorite Book: Little Women and Gone with the Wind

Your advice/tip to students applying to college?

Trust your gut feeling when you are visiting a campus.

Admissions Support staff

Katherine A. Littlefield

Katherine Mulligan

Admissions Operations Coordinator

Vickie A. McGovern

Vickie McGovern

Admissions Administrative Assistant