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"I pay for school on my own and I work three jobs to do so. My education would be absolutely impossible without scholarships. As a sociology major with a concentration in social work, I'm really excited about my future career. I hope that with hard work, focus and dedication, I can make a real difference in helping to improve the lives of others."
Brittini ’12, sociology

Faculty support

“It is exciting to watch and encourage students as they discover their creative voices. In the process we learn to see the world from many angles and uncover the mystery and wonder of everyday life.”
Scott Fuller, art professor
Finalist, Beijing Olympic Landscape Sculpture Contest


“Working with Dr. Eduljee, Associate Professor of Psychology, has given me valuable research experience. I feel as though the skills and analytical techniques that I learned with this research has better prepared me for some of what I’ll be doing in graduate school, and in my future career in the field of psychology.”
Monica ’09, psychology major
Co-presented her psychology research at professional conferences

Teaching tools

State-of-the-art equipment for students

“Simulations using a life-size, realistic mannequin called SimMan allow students to analyze patient symptoms, make treatment choices and see the outcome of those choices in a setting where there is no risk. It takes nursing education to a whole other level.”
Dr. Margaret Hourigan, Nursing Department

Student enrichment

Spring Break Workfest

“Spring Break Workfest in Kentucky (March 2008) was life changing, and an experience I think everyone should have. To not only see the faith and the love of the people we served, but also that of the volunteers, was truly inspiring.”
Annemarie ’10, psychology

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collage of where your gift helps

From the student who has to work three jobs to the professor who is doing cutting-edge research in the Gulf of Maine - we all need your help to make Saint Joseph's the best it can be. Tuition is expensive and staying current in research is costly. Growing a stronger college takes vision, heart, hard work - and money. Please make a gift today.

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  • Ensures financial help for students by keeping tuition affordable
  • Helps to recruit and retain top faculty
  • Maintains and expands student life and athletics programs
  • Helps maintain a campus environment and facilities deserving of our magnificent setting and history
  • Provides cutting-edge technology and equipment for our on-campus and online students