Welcome to Pearson's Dining

We're committed to fresh wholesome foods.

Our dining hall features an all-you-care-to-eat meal experience for your dining pleasure.

We feature:

  • specialty diet - vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free items offered throughout the cafe daily
  • low-calorie - look for our colorful icons
  • seasonal fruits and vegetables - always an abundance of fresh local fruits and vegetables
  • salad bar - choose from over 40 fresh toppings and a huge selection of in-house made dressings
  • deli bar items - in-house roasted beef & turkey done daily
  • desserts - a grand selection of desserts including gluten & dairy free options
  • grill - cooked to order everyday, all your favorite items
  • pizza- fresh dough pizza made everyday with gluten & dairy free options available
  • pasta bar - always serving white, wheat and gluten free pasta with our home made sauce selections.

Our Food Standards

The following standards have been created to assure the highest level of food quality.

  • Menus are written based on seasonality and availability of regional fresh product. Whenever possible, these are produced using sustainable and organic practices.
  • Chicken is purchased free of antibiotics.
  • Beef and other meats are free of antibiotics as a first preference.
  • Milk is free of artificial growth hormones, where available.
  • A minimum of one vegetarian entrée is available at each meal period.
  • Healthy nutritional choices are offered at each meal period.
  • Salsas, pizza, marinara and other sauces are made from scratch.
  • Stocks are made from scratch the day before use to ensure the removal of fats.
  • Tuna is dolphin-safe, packed in water.
  • Seafood is purchased fresh when available. Salmon is wild caught. We support the Seafood Watch guidelines as recommended by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
  • Hamburgers are made with fresh ground chuck, not frozen.
  • Olive and canola oils are used for everyday salad dressings, specialty oils for other purposes (i.e. walnut oil or chili oil).
  • We only use non-hydrogenated canola oil in our fryers to minimize the presence of trans-fatty acids in our foods.
  • All salad dressings are made from scratch. Nonfat and low-calorie dressings may be purchased as necessary.
  • Seasonal vegetables and fruits are used as first choice and are purchased fresh.
  • Vegetables are prepared in batches at the last possible minute and served in the smallest possible batches.
  • The use of MSG is never allowed in the preparation of our foods.
  • Mashed potatoes are made from fresh potatoes.
  • Fresh-squeezed lemon juice is used for cooking and sauces.
  • Cookies, muffins and breads (where possible) are baked fresh daily.