We do our very best to give students with special dietary requirements a variety of healthy options at all of our stations.

As a “from scratch” food service, Pearson’s knows exactly what goes into each dish and can provide an ingredient list if needed. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian options are offered on a daily basis. Here’s a few examples of how we cater to those with dietary restrictions:

Dairy-Free, Vegetarian & Vegan

  • A minimum of one vegetarian entrée is available at each meal period in addition to various vegetarian sides and our fully loaded salad bar.
  • We make dairy-free pizzas with vegan cheese and fresh vegetables.
  • At the deli bar, students can find Follow Your Heart Vegenaise (egg-free and gluten-free), Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread (dairy- and gluten-free and non-GMO), and Go Veggie! Cheddar Flavor Slices (lactose-free and rice vegan).
  • We offer a variety of milk alternatives such as Silk Soymilk in vanilla and chocolate flavors, Lactaid, and Blue Diamond Almond Breeze.


  • In addition to the gluten-free options at each of our various stations, we also feature a separate gluten-free bar to insure there is no cross-contamination with other gluten products.Dining Service Page Image2
  • At the grill station, our hamburgers, natural casing pork/beef hotdogs, and chicken are all gluten-free.
  • There are gluten-free versions of various breads, rolls, wraps, cereals, and English muffins, plus we offer brand products such as Food For Life’s Brown Rice Tortillas and Udi’s Soft & Delicious White Sandwich Bread (wheat-, dairy-, soy-, and nut-free).
  • We offer gluten-free pasta and pizza doughs daily, along with our delicious house-made marinara sauce that is also gluten-free.
  • With the exception of a few fat-free dressings, almost all of our salad dressings are made in-house, including gluten-free offerings like cilantro-lime vinaigrette, green goddess, honey mustard vinaigrette, Italian, raspberry vinaigrette, honey balsamic, and others that rotate seasonally.