Students explore the Maine coast and more with environmental science immersion

Environmental science professors at Saint Joseph’s College are bringing their students directly to the source of the subject matter – from Nova Scotia to the Down East coast to aboard a schooner in the Gulf of Maine – beginning in the fall of 2014. During the Environmental Science Semester, sophomore and junior marine and environmental science students will enroll exclusively in four environmental science courses for the entire semester:

—Field Methods


—Climate Change and Glacial Geology

—Marine Ecology

Faculty members will lead students through Maine, Atlantic Canada and on excursions to explore the islands and waters of the Gulf of Maine. This experiential education increases student focus, achieves more refined conceptual understanding and retention of subject matter, and results in students being more career-minded and marketable upon graduation.

Environmental Science Semesters will be led by professors Dr. Johan Erikson and Dr. Greg Teegarden.

Dr. Johan Erikson earned his Ph.D. from Dartmouth College and his M.S. from Stanford University. He has authored and co-authored numerous research publications and national and international presentations. He is currently pursuing topics in geology, landscape evolution and acid snow deposition. As Saint Joseph’s assistant professor of environmental science, Dr. Erikson teaches courses in geology, climate change and hydrology.

Dr. Greg Teegarden, professor of marine/environmental science, earned his Ph.D. from University of Rhode Island and his M.S. from University of Maine, both in oceanography. The author and co-author of numerous publications and presentations, Dr. Teegarden’s academic interests include oceanography, limnology, marine food webs, and marine pollution and ecosystem responses. He specializes in the ecology of harmful algal blooms, or “red tides.”

February 22, 2013
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