For Parents with Questions


Can you send my child's grades home?

Students access their grades online. Grade reports will only be mailed to the
student's home address upon student request. Grade reports and transcripts are
not accessible for students who have an unpaid balance.


What types of disability services can you provide for my child?

With proper documentation, accommodations such as a note-taker, quiet
separate test setting, extended time, tape-recorded class lectures and the use
of a calculator on exams can be provided. Proper documentation guidelines can be
found at our website:

How will my child know if he or she is struggling in a course?

The office of Academic Records, in conjunction with The Academic Center,
provides Early Warning Reports, as well as, Mid-Term Warning grades to all
students who fall within the C- or below grade range.

In the event my child is out a week or more, who should be
contacted at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine?

If a student is absent for an extended period of time, they should always
notify the Dean’s Office, as well as their faculty members. The student must
present a valid reason for his or her absence.

My child is having difficulty managing his or her time. How can
The Academic Center assist with time management and organization skills?

The Academic Center provides individualized mentoring for academic success to
any student who wishes to meet with one of our staff members. We also have
academic planners available, as well as information on study tips, time
management, organization skills and effective note-taking tips.

If my child is having difficulty in a course, what would you
suggest he or she do to find a tutor?

The Academic Center coordinates with each department chair to hire and staff
a variety of peer tutors for different subjects. At the beginning of each
semester we determine which areas are problem areas for students and begin the
process of hiring qualified tutors to assist them with any academic difficulty
they may face in that particular course.  It would also benefit each student to
talk to their individual faculty member regarding concerns over the course. This
ensures that the faculty member is aware of the difficulty and can do their best
to aid the student throughout the semester. Students can find peer tutor hours
posted in The Academic Center or on our website:

What would you suggest to my son or daughter who suffers with
their writing skills?

The Writing Center provides a free consulting service on any type of writing
project. An initial meeting would be set up with the student to identify their
strengths and weakness as a writer. Then, the student would be introduced to one
of our writing tutors who would work with them on composition, editing,
formatting and revising their paper. Students can find our writing center hours
on our website:

As a first-year student, who will be assisting my son or daughter
through their college transition?

Your son or daughter will have the support system of not only The Academic
Center, but also faculty advisors and first-year mentors. Through our First-Year Enrichment
program, all first-year students are paired with a mentor who meets with him or
her at orientation and regularly throughout the semester to discuss any
questions, concerns, or experiences your son or daughter may be dealing with.
This mentor is someone whom your son or daughter may not see on a daily basis,
but is always available to lend a hand.  For more information on our First-Year Enrichment
program, please visit our website:


Does Saint Joseph’s have programs to ease the transition from high
school to college?

  • First-Year Enrichment mentor program
  • Summer orientations
  • Fall orientation, first-year students only
  • Counseling Center
  • Social and activity programs on each floor of residence hall with resident
  • Counseling Center

Do you have transportation shuttles?

We offer limited shuttle transportation to Windham, South
Portland and Portland to Amtrak and airport.

What type of security does SJC have for its students and

SJC’s security department is open 24/7.  All security officers are trained as
emergency “first responders,” and many of them are trained as EMTs as well. 
Campus call boxes are provided in parking areas so that students may call for a
security escort to their residence hall if they arrive on campus late at

All residence halls have front-door locks and each student room has a
separate lock, thus giving students a “doubly secure” living space.

Will my child be allowed to choose his/her roommate?

As long as both students request one another, they are allowed to room
together. At summer orientations, first-year students will meet many students
and may find someone they elect to live with.  For returning students, the
housing selection process allows for students to choose their roommates as

Will my student be allowed to have a car on campus?

Yes. Students are asked to register their cars with the security office for a
fee of $100, and are given a student parking decal that allows them to park in
specific lots on campus.

What if there is an emergency on campus?

To report a crime or other emergency, please call the security office at
207-893-6687 from an off-campus or cellular phone, or dial extension 6687 from
any campus extension.  The emergency line, 7911, can be dialed from any
on-campus phone.

Emergency telephone call boxes are located outside or near all residence
halls, the parking lot behind the Alfond Center, and the baseball field parking
lot. These telephone call boxes, which call the security office, are in
prominent locations and are identified with a blue light.

Connect-ED, an emergency notification system, will notify the campus
community of critical emergency situations at the college via phone (cell and
room phones), e-mail and parental contact information. Connect-Ed can be found
under the MySJC link on the website, and under myconnectEd and the Notification
Information link.


In early spring, information regarding May Commencement will be posted on the College's Commencement page.