Michelle A. Laughran
Michelle A. LaughranAssociate Professor, Political Science/History Department
PhD, University of Connecticut
MA, University of Connecticut
BA, College of William & Mary

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For Michelle Laughran, the study of history should be interdisciplinary, since “the past includes everything.” Professor Laughran’s research investigates the impact that epidemic diseases like the plague had on Italian renaissance society; in the process, this ongoing project has led her also to examine the history of the body, medicine, prostitution, cosmetics, and costume, among other topics. Professor Laughran’s most recent history course focused on the history of fairy tales.


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“Medicating with or Without ‘Scruples’: The ‘Professionalization’ of the Apothecary in Sixteenth-Century Venice,” in Pharmacy in History 45 (2003): 95-107.

“Oltre la pelle. I cosmetici e il loro uso” (“More than Skin Deep: Cosmetics & Their Use in Italy from the Middle Ages to the Modern Period”) in Storia d’Italia: Annali. La moda (Annals of Italian History: History of Fashion), (Turin: Einaudi, 2003), pp. 43-82.


Michelle Laughran, “The Plague,” in Venetia 1600: Births and Rebirths [exhibition catalog] (Fondazione Musei Civici Venezia, 2021).

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