Nina B. Eduljee
Nina B. EduljeeProfessor, Psychology Department
PhD, Temple University
MA, University of Georgia
MA, University of Bombay, India
BA, University of Bombay, India

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Nina B. Eduljee is a professor of psychology at Saint Joseph’s College. She actively presents her research at various national and international conferences on topics including attitudes toward the use of technology, specifically examining students’ attitudes towards technology, with a focus on cross-cultural research. Her current research endeavors include a collaborative long-term project examining memory strategies, learning strategies and motivation of college students, examining student engagement in college, and investigating statistical anxiety.


New England Psychological Association
Psi Chi


(* Denotes Student Co-authors)

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Eduljee, N., Murphy, L., Emigh-Guy, M., & Croteau, K. (2022). Student Perceptions About Course Delivery Modality Preferences During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Annual Meeting of the New England  Psychological Association.

Excursions/Trips with Students or for Academic Research

Encourage students to attend: Northeast Undergraduate Research Development Symposium (NURDS, Biddeford, ME)


CPP/Myers-Briggs Co. Grant - research grants worth $10,525 to study the relationship between the Myers-Briggs Extraversion-Introversion dichotomy and students’ preferences for classroom teaching and participation methods. (2017)

U.S. Geological Survey Award - a $28,200 grant to support their collaborative remote sensing buoy project with the Portland Water District, “Real Time Data for Sebago Lake to Support Sustainable Water Resource Management, Lake Research, and Community Engagement.” (2017)