Summer Session 2017

Join us for some of the many exciting summer courses we have to offer - online, away, or on our beautiful campus at Sebago Lake! You will have the chance to earn credits to accelerate your degree.

Registration for all summer courses begins March 17. Registration for Study Away (New York and Granada) courses starts February 17.

Check out our calendar of events.

Course Delivery Types
Immersion: This format allows you to complete your course on-campus in one week with pre-residency readings and a post residency assignment.
Hybrid Courses: This format expedites the completion of the course from the traditional 15 weeks to 6 weeks. The course has both an online and an on-campus component. The first week is online, the second week on-campus, and the last 4 weeks finish online.
Accelerated (6 week Online only Courses): This format also facilitates the completion of the course from the traditional 15 weeks to 6 weeks, but without visiting campus.
Study Away: This format gives students the option to travel to New York City, where the course will present Theological Doctrine Through the Arts, or Granada, Spain, where students will be immersed in the Catholic history and culture of Spain.

Please view the online catalog for more specific details such as times, dates, costs, and course descriptions.

2017 Summer Offerings

July 10 - 14, 2017

ED 517: Standards-Based Curriculum
Instructor: Dan Joseph 
Course Delivery: Hybrid; A.M. session

ED 518: Standards-Based Assessment and Grading
Instructor: Dan Joseph
Course Delivery: Hybrid; P.M. session

ED 536: Educational Leadership
Instructor: Ann Cohen
Course Delivery: Hybrid; P.M. session

ED 538: Maine Special Ed Law
Instructor: Dr. Anita Charles
Course Delivery: Hybrid; P.M. session

TH 555 / TH 104 / TH 10: The Old Testament
Instructor: Dr. Pamela Hedrick 
Course Delivery: Immersion

TH 582 / TH 340 / TH 31: Theology of the Body
Instructor: Dr. Angela Franks
Course Delivery: Immersion

MB 520: Self-Leadership
Instructor: Garrett VanAtta and Dr. Scott Wakefield
Course Delivery: Hybrid

July 17 - 21, 2017

TH 520 / TH 102 / TH 20: The New Testament
Instructor: Dr. Giovanna Czander
Course Delivery: Immersion

TH 581 / TH 335 / TH 27: Catholic Social Teach
Instructor: Grattan Brown
Course Delivery: Immersion

July 1 - August 12, 2017 (Accelerated 6-week online only courses)

HY 421: We Can Do It! A History of American Women in the Workforce
Instructor: Dr. Michele Hinton Riley
Course Delivery: Online

Study Away Courses (Credit and Non-credit

SJC in New York City
Course runs: June 15 - July 15
New York travel experience: June 15 - 22
TH 527a / TH 309a / TH 11: Reading Theology Through the Sacred Arts
Instructors: Dr. Patricia Ireland and Fr. John Perricone
Cost: $1,800 for credit; $1,300 for non-credit*

SJC in Granada, Spain
Course runs: June 25-July 30
Granada, Spain, travel experience: June 25-July 1
5th Annual International Summer School and Conference 2017
TH 527 Special Topics: Beyond Secular Faith - Politics as Theology
Instructor: Aaron Riches
Cost: $400 for 3 graduate credits, does not include fee to attend conference.*

*Cost does not include airfare. Students interested in registering should contact Suzanne Murphy at as soon as possible to reserve a space. Students must make their own travel plans.

Countryside, Granada, Spain